Magnetic ceiling hooks - round

  • Round strong magnetic hooks for hanging ceiling signs, lights, drapes and decorations
  • Circular magnetic hooks in 3 sizes 25mm - 32mm - 50mm extra strong magnetic hook 
  • Magnetic ceiling hooks are easily repositioned on any magnet receptive metal surface such as ceiling grids or roof trusses

Magnetic ceiling hooks - round

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Magnetic hooks for suspending ceiling signs - various sizes

These magnetic ceiling hooks are perfect for suspending signs, POS and decorations from steel ceiling panels, beams and suspended ceilings which are receptive to magnets. 

Ceiling magnets are also popular for hanging temporary decorations and mobiles or for draping fabric for decorating a room or event venue (e.g. for a wedding, halloween party or at Christmas, Diwali etc).

  • The white magnet hook looks unobtrusive.
  • The ferrite magnet provides adequate magnetic pull for general purpose applications. 
  • Choose from 3 sizes - the larger the size the stronger the magnetic force to handle heavier loads.
  • 50mm diameter magnetic hookl is extra strong with maximimum18 kg pull force under optimum conditions.
  • When hanging signs we recommend 2 magnetic hooks per sign.

What weight can ceiling magnets support?

For general lightweight applications these magnetic ceiling hooks are perfectly adequate, offering a safe and highly adaptable way to hang signs and other things such as decorations from a typical suspended ceiling. Ceiling magnets are also used for shop window displays and other store merchandising and in school classrooms to hang mobiles and other creative projects.

The performance of ceiling magnets is affected by factors such as the thickness of steel to which they are attached and any surface coating (e.g. plastic coating). As well as quoting the maximum pull force in an ideal situation we give suggested Safe Working Loads (SWL) for general applications with a good margin of safety built in. These figures are per magnet - so with a pair of magnets the load can be doubled. 

25mm small magnetic hook Max 2-3kg SWL 0.5kg (1lb)
32mm standard magnetic hook Max 4-6kg SWL 1.0kg (2lb)
50mm super strong magnet hook Max 12-18kg SWL 4.0kg (9lb)

Further detailed guidance is provided under More Information tab. We also offer useful information to estimate the weight of typical sign panels.

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