Easy Swap floor display base

  • Printed panel quick grab base for advertisements and signboards
  • Insert a display panel up to 10mm thick and tighten up from underneath with the integral handwheel 
  • Easy Swap is for light to mid-duty applications - when the panel is not too high (120 cm)

Easy Swap floor display base

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Easy Swap Rigid Banner Stands 

Easy Swap is a base which holds a display board upright.  The name suggests the principal benefit - it is easy to swap over the display panel or board without using tools. 

Panel switching is achieved by slackening a knob under the base which enables the panel to be removed and exchanged.  The clamping mechanism is concealed from view inside the body of the base.

Easy Swap base is made from high grade aluminium and is suitable for outdoor applications.  Compared with our other panel bases this model is quite narrow (approx 200mm) although the weight of the base does not limit the stability, it suitable for smaller panels about 1m to 1.2m high (indoors).  Taller panels could be considered in situations where there is no risk of the board being knocked over - e.g. for shop window displays. 

What other Rigid Banner stand bases are there?

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Printed panels are for illustration purposes only, please contact your local sign company who will be happy to help you design and print your display boards.

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