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Floor standing signs with snap frames

We have an excellent range of floor sign stands with both angled or upright snap frames. With a silver or black finish, these snap frame poster floor stands offer a superior appearance for foyers, hotels and exhibitions. These metal free-standing sign holders make excellent free standing menu display stands etc Read more...

Display Stands, Sign stands and Menu boards a full range for every type of information display.

There are so many different types of floor standing snap frame sign stands it can be difficult to choose which sign stand suits your purpose best. Here is a quick summary of what each poster stand does best.

Presenta Eco Sign display floor stands 

  • Presenta eco range Silver and Black aluminium floor stand sign holders are the shortest of the menu stands at about 100cm tall. 
  • The angled snap frame sign holders are at just the right angle to view information and prices and are really easy to use.
  • Perfect for product information and pricing these robust stands are the backbone of a trade show and exhibition stand.
  • Not too short that they are not noticed and not too tall that they get in the way of your exhibit.
  • For more information on A4 and A3 sliver sign stands click here 
  • For more information on Black A4 and A3, Sign stands click here 

Presenta Deco Angled menu board floor signs

  • Presenta Deco range of Silver and Black aluminium A4 & A3 menu display stands 100cm to 120cm tall
  • The premium quality sign stands with high-quality fittings and an extra durable stylish silver finish.
  • These A4 and A3 information sign stands look the part in either a plush hotel foyer or a premium brand car showroom where quality matters. 
  • Slightly more expensive than the Eco range but worth every extra penny. 
  • Click here for more details on Silver Sign Stands. 
  • Click here for more details on the NEW Black Display Stands.

Presenta Flexi Adjustable height high-quality floor standing sign holders

  • The Presenta Flexi height adjustable sign stands for A4 and A3 signs with a heavy stable base.
  • Landscape and portrait adjustable viewing angle snap frame poster holder.
  • High-quality silver aluminium coated finish. 
  • The A3 and A4 information sign stands that you can control the height and angle to suit your information.
  • Click here for more details of adjustable floor standing sign holders.
  • Click here for an illuminated version of the adjustable sign stand 

Presenta Curve Menu display floor stands with curved leg 

  • The Presenta Curve A4 and A3 menu stand in a classic black painted finish 
  • The menu stands for people looking for something different in the restaurant in front of house locations 
  • Click here for more details on this stylish menu sign stand.
  • Click here for a super quality illuminated version of the curved menu board. 

Presenta Adjusta Upright sign stands and information stands

The Presenta Adjusta range of upright floor standing sign stands have various configurable options including extra poster frames in A4 and A3 and the addition of leaflet dispensers in DL, A4 and A4.

  • Tallest of the menu sign stands with the A4 version being 1.3m tall and the A3 at 1.5m tall.
  • Larger base on the A3 version for extra stability.
  • Landscape or portrait poster snap frames with the ability to double side or double stack.
  • Common usage would be as a wait to be seated sign or take away menu sign with leaflet holders.
  • Click here for more details of upright sign stands 

Stylish silver sign stands and black angled menu boards

The snap frame concept is well proven and this type of frame lends itself to floor standing signs and information displays and we offer a choice of models. A3 and A4 plain paper signs are loaded into the front of the snap frame behind a clear plastic cover sheet (supplied).

Angled floor signs are popular as they are easy to read yet don't get in the way of the view of the exhibition stand or restaurant interior. We offer several stands with angled frames - all can be adjusted for landscape or portrait use and with some, you can adjust the height to suit your needs.

Upright frames are useful for slightly taller sign stands which demand to be noticed - for example, signpost signs, information signs or queue instructions.

Silver and black snap frame floor signs are available. Silver always looks stylish while black creates a contemporary look and often blends well with the decor. 

Metal Poster Stands

As a leading supplier of free-standing metal poster signs, we offer a full range of angled floor stand signs. Those fitted with aluminium snap frames are sometimes referred to as menu boards or floor standing poster grip frames. We call this our Presenta range.

Angled menu boards and upright poster stands

Angled snap frame models are not confined to displaying menus, although this is a popular application. Wherever a low pedestal sign-holder is required it pays to angle the frame to make reading easier. Taller signs are best displayed upright - so we have snap frame menu board floor stands to cater for that situation as well.