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Floor standing sign holders with slot-in frames

Our comprehensive range of floor standing sign holders to take your A4 or A3 print, made from your choice of plastic or metal. We stock various models suitable for use in retail and shops or as lobby sign stands, warehouse signs, lollipop signs, bus stop signs and many more uses Read more...

FreeStanders: floor signs featuring frames with poster slots 

If you want to display a printed piece of paper as a floor standing sign our Slim Frames offer a cheap and effective solution. This is our versatile range of FreeStanders, and is particularly popular in retail. Simply slot in your notice or printed sign - use either top-loading or side-loading. As well as standard paper they also fit laminated paper. 

Freestanding Poster Holders

  • These floor sign holders all incorporate a poster frame with a paper insert slot.
  • These Slim frames take plain paper or laminated paper inserts.
  • The frames are fitted on to floor stands with telescopic poles for so you can adjust the height of the sign. Large - adjustable height up to 1.5m. Medium adjustable height up to 1m, base requires support of product. Smaller dual use table top or short floor stand - Adjustable height 60cm, base requires support of product.
  • The A3 or A4 frame clips securely into a T-piece at the top of the pole.
  • The frames can be inserted landscape or portrait and exchanged at will.

Choice of base depends on your signage application 

The lowest cost model has a Basic base. It is made from dense recycled plastic. It is robust and weatherproof making it ideal for use in garden centres, industrial premises etc where aesthetics are not the prime concern.

The Flat base is ideal for retailers who want to stack product around the sign and on the base. Available from stock in several colours.

The Silverline sign stand is probably the most visually pleasing in any contemporary environment. All components (base, pole and frame) have a smart silver finish.

The Covered base is similar to the Basic base but finished off with a moulded plastic cover to give the base a more refined appearance. 

Tall sign stand for use with pallets

Tall pallet signs are a requirement both in retail and in warehousing and distribution. The smaller base pallet version is stable when the foot is placed under a loaded pallet. For free standing applications the square base foot is more stable.