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Banner arm set for modular InfoColumn

  • Banner arm sets fit onto modular Infocolumn stands to secure a drop-banner
  • Use as an accessory with square-profile InfoColumn or aerofoil-profile InfoPole stands
  • Two widths of banner arm are available to suit 400mm or 600mm wide banners

Banner arm set for modular InfoColumn

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Banner arms are optional accessories for modular InfoColumn

InfoColumn  and InfoPole are modular display stands comprising a sturdy base plus 1.8m high pole. In addition to pre-configured kits, we supply components to create your own configuration - or to supplement a standard kit. Banner arm sets enable a drop-banner or vertical flag to be hung from a 'gibbet' arm attached to the central pole or column.

There are two widths of banner arm, 400mm and 600mm. Everything is included to secure your own banner, including a bottom rail which provides weight to keep the banner slightly tensioned.

The top aluminium arm is easily locked in place at the desired height. The integral banner holder includes concealed plastic grippers, which suit all popular weights of banner material - from lightweight flag fabric or paper to thicker 'light-block' grades of vinyl for double-sided display.

  • Banner arm sets suit both our modular stands: InfoColumn (chunkier square-profile) and InfoPole (aerofoil-profile).
  • This banner arm accessory is supplied without any graphic - the banner or flag, which can be easily fitted and replaced, must be sourced independently.
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