Self adhesive - Printable outdoor 24"

  • Self adhesive poster paper 24" wide on a roll.
  • Print your own A1 self adhesive posters. 
  • Permanent and semi-permanent self adhesive vinyl poster paper. 

Self adhesive - Printable outdoor 24"

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24" self adhesive large format media for printing banners and signs

Indoor or outdoor banners and signs can be produced by printing on the following types of self adhesive media which can then be applied to a suitable substrate or backing board. The sticky back roll media is supplied with a liner to cover the adhesive during printing which is peeled off before use. 

The adhesive vinyl and alternative removable adhesive media are for use with pigment inkjet printers such as Epson, Canon and HP.

With self adhesive roll media, applying prints to certain backing boards is ideal.

  • Adhesive vinyl, Can be applied to a substrate such as Correx or foam PVC. Sticks very securely and is suitable for outdoor use for several months. In normal use prints will not smudge but without over-lamination would not suitable for vehicles.
  • Ezistick, Fabric-like texture is easy to stick to most surfaces as the low tack adhesive makes repositioning possible. Prints can normally be removed without leaving any residue (test first). Can be applied to painted walls to create murals, on to glass and on to many other materials, but not foam PVC.

Create your own wallpaper poster displays 

Another must in the visual merchandising display toolkit. The adhesive vinyl waterproof paper is strong stuff, excellent permanent displays can be created in no time at all that will last for months outdoors before fading and years indoors where the suns bleaching effect is cut to a minimum.

Use the Ezistick semi-permanent poster paper like wallpaper except it's your own design.

What's the best point of sale printer

Whilst there are many different types of printer on the market, we recommend Epson SC range large format printers for in-house point of sale printing. Their excellent value for money, robust and cheap to run they produce very high quality waterproof prints that hold their image outdoors with exceptional ink clour pigments that in our opinion remain light stable longer than the other big brands.

Need help choosing your Epson wide format pos printer

Everybody's needs and budget are different, if you are looking for a printer and are a little overwhelmed by what you find on the internet please give us a call we will be happy to help you choose what is most suitable for your needs. Over the life of your printer that one call can save you hundreds of pounds in wasted consumables.

We are able to supply new printers at competitive prices, not as cheap as a box shifting warehouse but then you don't get any support or handy hint and tips to help you.


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