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Cover sheets, chalk cards, laminating pouches | Useful poster frame inserts

A selection of poster frame inserts including snap frame poster protectors (also known as replacement acetates), rolls of double-sided adhesive tape, chalk cards, laminating pouches and Correx sheets. Read more...

Plastic poster protectors for snap frames

  • Poster Protectors and Cover Sheets are available in two grades: standard thickness covers for snap frames and lightweight poster protector sheets for slot-in frames.
  • Chalk Cards are used to convert poster frames into blackboards for writing on with chalk pens.  Versatile write-on inserts for poster frames to convert them to slate boards.
  • Laminating Pouches are for encapsulating paper prints to make them water-proof.  They are an ideal complement to laminated size poster frames.
  • Correx Sheets are supplied with some of our top-loading frames as a stiffener; these Correx sheets are for use as replacement backing sheets.
  • Double adhesive tape for fixing snap frames without screws.