Prestige curved sign with opening front

  • Pixquick exceptional quality curved door signs made from high grade polycarbonate
  • Very tough, smart and secure with discrete button to open up the frame
  • Crystal clear curved door signs for the superior look - easy fixings included
Curved face crystal clear door sign
Curved face crystal clear door sign Best quality office door sign Smart office door and wayfinding signs

Prestige curved sign with opening front

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Pixquick probabally the best quality door sign in the world

PixQuick is a perfectly clear high-quality curved polycarbonate information holder intended for fixing to walls and office doors to display name signs and other printed information. 
This very easy-to-use system is ideal for self-printed paper signs which need to be changed frequently.

  • Range of sizes from Mini 2"x6" (52x148mm) up to popular A4 and A3 size. Click on More Infomation for details for exact dimensions. 
  • Front lens, which opens by depressing a release button positioned on either side, presents a gloss look - even to signs printed on ordinary paper.
  • Precision moulded and beautifully styled for high end presentation.
  • Frameless appearance with clever design in dustproof and shatter-resistant polycarbonate.
  • Fixes to walls, doors, glass partitions etc. with strong adhesive strips (supplied) or concealed screw fixings.
  • The best curved face door sign in the UK

Why are Pixquick door signs so expensive?

Quite simply these prestige curved door signs are made from the highest grade of crystal clear polycarbonate, this means that they outlast most other office signage systems and still look exceptional years after less expensive door signs have either broken or lost their shine. 

Reasons to buy the Pixquick sign system

In certain industries image is everything, you've just spent a fortune on nice desks, art work & computer equipment everything that says to your client you are a progressive forward thinking company with aesthetically pleasing surroundings. Now is not the time to spoil that image with a mismatch of different signs. Pixquick is a full signage system from the mini that you might sign the stationary or janitors store room through to the impressive A3 for the conference suite or boardroom. You can now create an impressive signage flow throughout your establishment at every step giving your client the feeling that you are a quality business. This Pixquick signage system can be seen in many corporate headquarters where cost is less important than image.

Things to consider when fitting the pixquick system

We humans like to know where we are going and that we are in the right place, with careful consideration for the rest of the furniture in the area where the signage will be fitted determine a height and position relative to which way a door opens and be consistent. People quickly understand where to look if the signage is fitted in a uniform fashion.