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Noticeboards and information signs

Display your key information neatly in easy to fit and use holders, notice and information boards and frames. We offer a large range of sign holders for your printed information to cater to all your needs - wayfinding, services offered, document display and door nameplates. Read more...

Information display at healthcare sites

Healthcare sites are often overwhelming for visitors - the size, number of different areas or rooms and people to see can leave patients and visitors feeling lost and anxious. Improve the visitor and staff experience by investing in clear information signs and wayfinding systems.

  • Use office notice boards to display key information to staff 
  • Snap frames are easy to use for regularly changing information and look smart and professional
  • We have a range of directory systems to help move visitors quickly and smoothly around your site
  • Print your own nameplates and door signs and pop into our easy to use holders