Self service and serving counter buffet label holders

Serving counter buffet label holders, including hygienic plastic and metal stands and ticket holders. Our quality range of food counter label holders includes: Ticket holders to attach to serving bowls, refrigerated display ticket holders, spike label holders for cheese and meat counters  Read more...

Ideas for using buffet label holders

Our practical stands and ticket holders hold your labels. They can be used in many situations:

  • Severy counters deserve good labelling - displaying descriptions, prices, allergens, country of origin etc. (as required). 
  • Small card grippers are perfect for self-service olives and salads in bowls  
  • Many of these mini sign stands are popular for delicatessan counters, meat displays and fish counters 
  • Plastic price stands are ideal for cake display pricing in tea rooms 
  • Metal stands are suitable for hot counters and being made of stainless steel can be washed at high temprature 
  • Push in menu card holders are the smart way to display small price tickets printed on stiff card 
  • Several of our serving counter label holders can be used with hand written price tickets 
  • For hand written price labels we supply reusable chalk cards and white plastic cards with marker pens which can be erased - these small ticket holders offer great ways to display food labels written by hand