Note grabber / kitchen order holder

  • Mult-iuse: Kitchen tab grabbers, wall artwork holders, plan holders - in various widths. 
  • Concealed fixings - can be screwed to wall or stick permanently with supplied adhesive strips
  • Easy clean aluminium with reliable grab/release function with inbuilt plastic roller-grips
  • Poster grab system for classrooms to display students work, meeting rooms to hold plans etc.  
Aluminium Kitchen Tab Grabber
Aluminium Kitchen Tab Grabber Poster display grabber Note grabber / kitchen order holder Note grabber / kitchen order holder Tab note grabber with hidden fixing system Note grabber / kitchen order holder Note grabber / kitchen order holder

Note grabber / kitchen order holder

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Fast grab paper holding system - kitchen order holders 

Aluminium rail is easily mounted to the wall using screws or adhesive strips (both supplied).  Paper notes or restaurant orders are simply pushed into Fast Note ticket holder from below. All sizes of note grabber rails are in stock in our UK warehouse.

Your document, artwork or slip is grabbed by the concealed plastic rollers, which are cunningly designed to release individual sheets when the relevant sheet is lifted up and away from the rail.

  • Quick and easy to insert messages, pictures or table orders.
  • Use next to the office door or desk as a note or message holder.
  • Display charts, drawings and plans in the conference room.
  • Holds artwork, maps or printouts in the classroom.
  • Wipe clean aluminium and plastic design.
  • Screw holes are hidden behind slide-along end caps or simply stick to the wall (comes with strong adhesive tape pre-applied to rear).

Four different lengths of Fast Note are stocked.
31cm (12")  50cm (20")  100cm (40")  150cm (59")
Note: Overall sizes are 25mm (1") wider than the above paper insert sizes.

Poster grab system for classrooms

A fast easy system for displaying students work, the Fast Note grabber can be fixed to the walls of a classroom with a hidden fixing system ( wall screw and plugs provided). It even comes supplied with pre-applied adhesive strips so you can just stick it straight on to a wall , deak partitionor counter . Especially useful in primary schools for displaying paintings - effortless and quick to use. No more messy blue tack and sellotape.