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Cable display components for wall or ceiling fitting

  • Individual components for cable display systems including beautifully engineered cable kits for wall or ceiling 
  • Elegant Classic Mini Clamps for securing acrylic pockets or panels up to 3mm thick onto taut vertical cables 
  • Ingenious Gripper Clamps for easy height adjustment of acrylic poster pockets or panels up to 3mm thick
  • Cable displays hardware for cable display systems | Ceiling or Wall cable display kit | 1.5mm - 4m wire

Cable display components for wall or ceiling fitting

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Poster pocket suspension

Cable displays are popular sign suspension kits incorporating tensioned vertical cables used to support variable height acrylic poster pockets. We offer various wire hanging display systems and our cable display parts are popular with the sign trade and self-installers alike.

Dual purpose cable kits - for wall or ceiling

Cable systems are frequently used for estate agent window display where the top of the cable is fixed to the ceiling and the bottom is attached to the floor. Our cable kits offer the additional option for wall to wall cable display - or hybrid systems where one anchor is wall fixed while the other is secured to the floor. This is made possible thanks to the ingenious swivel cable anchor fittings.

  • One end of the cable (usually the top) is secured inside the threaded barrel of the tensioner fitting. A few turns of the barrel tensions the cable. A small spring inside the fitting maintains the tension.
  • For extra convenient assembly the other anchor incorporates a cable gripper - no ferrules and grub screws required - with top button release (in case you need to slacken the cable or disassemble).
  • Each anchor is manufactured with a screw on boss which attaches to the wall or ceiling. The main body is attached to the boss with a few turns.

Two types of pocket side clamps - Classic or Gripper

Classic edge clamps to secure acrylic pockets to the cable have a grub screw to attach the pocket and a separate grub screw to fasten the fitting to the cable.

Gripper edge clamps only use grub screws to attach to the 'wings' of the pocket. Gripper fittings are threaded onto the cable and a self locking internal gripper mechanism holds the clamp on the wire. The clamps can be slid up the wire freely. To lower simply depress the button where the cable emerges and the clutch is released. The clamp fitting can be lowered, bringing the pocket with it. Fine adjustment is possible.

Both types of clamp are supplied in single and double-sided versions. The single fittings are fitted on the outer cables and the double clamps are used on the intermediate cables of 2-Bay, 3-Bay or 4-Bay multi-column arrays.

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