Angled frame support feet (pair)

  • Angled feet clip onto the rim of our plastic Slim frames (Coloured frames)
  • The frame is presented at an easy reading angle - intended for indoor use
  • Angled snap-on feet are only compatible with this precise type of frame

Angled frame support feet (pair)

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Angled frame support feet for Slim Frames A5, A4 and A3

Clear polycarbonate snap-on feet support Slim frames on a tabletop or other flat surface at an angle.

These angled legs are easy to attach and detach to A5, A4 and A3 Slim frames.  They are robust and can be re-used many times. We recommend that you use 1 pair of feet per frame.
If you want to use your slim frames double sided on a table or counter-top then you could use       the RA1 Upright feet instead. 

  • Snap-on / off action.
  • Easily convert your slim frame from portrait to landscape.
  • Snap on feet are priced and sold as a pair.
  • Re useable


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