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Notice boards - for internal or external use

Our lockable notice boards can be used indoors or outside. Outdoor notice boards come in different specifications, some external notice boards are weatherproof by design, other models incorporate a weather seal against which the hinged door closes Read more...

External notice boards

Looking for an external notice board or a notice board to use outside? We have glazed notice boards suitable for use outdoors. Clearly an external noticeboard needs to be waterproof. Both Series 50 and Series 30 models comply. So check them out if you're looking for a supplier of exterior notice boards.

Cork notice boards

A cork notice board allows information signs to be pinned to the board. When glazed these can be used as outdoor notice boards or as open fronted office pinboards. Cork back models are popular as church notice boards - we are church notice boards suppliers as well as supplying schools, village halls and more.

Magnetic and felt notice boards

Instead of fixing notices using pins, with magnetic noticeboards you get small magnetic discs to use to secure your signs and notices. In addition, as the magnetic back panel is also a whiteboard it is possible to hand write on the noticeboard with a whiteboard marker.

Outside notice boards can also be supplied with felt back panels. These look attractive and are suitable for pinning all types of notice. These are popular glass fronted notice boards for use both indoors and outside. (Actually we don't use glass for the doors as it can be broken and it makes the door quite heavy - we use tough rigid polycarbonate or PET plastic which is much more resistant to breaking).

Menu display cases

Outdoor are available in illuminated and non-illuminated versions. They offer a smart yet cost effective way to display menus outside restaurants and bars. Our latest illuminated menu cases are equipped with LED lighting making for very economical running costs.

Advantages of a lockable notice board

To prevent tampering and unauthorised access to your indoor or outdoor notice board, a lockable notice board is worth consideration.

All our glazed models are key lock notice boards. So whether you choose a notice board made from cork, a fabric covered notice board or a magnetic noticeboard you get the reassurance of a lock and key with every board.