Wooden A-boards - light or heavy duty

Wooden A boards and wooden pavement chalkboard signs are a favourite with pubs, cafes and farm shops. A-frame blackboards can be used in many other situations for hand written signs with traditional blackboard appeal that evokes the classic sandwich board style Read more...

Blackboard pavement signs

With a traditional blackboard sandwich board, it is easy to create your own sign using chalk pens. Our wooden A-board signs all feature a chalkboard surface for creating your personal advertising message. Change it easily - every day if you wish - then even regular passers by will look out for your sign and the witty quip or topical message you have created to establish the personality of your business.

  • Wooden A-boards are available in light-weight and heavy duty models.
  • Lighter folding A frame blackboard signs are more portable - great for temporary events like farmers markets.
  • Heavy duty wooden A-boards are the best choice for permanent outdoor displays, for example outside a cafe or restaurant 
  • Blackboard A-boards are not limited to pavement signs - they are great for advertising in-store attractions such as the coffee shop or Santa's grotto in a garden centre 
  • A rustic timber frame looks the part when you are communicating your local provenance story 

What is a sandwich board?

  • Sandwich boards were originally worn with shoulder straps - the wearer was effectively sandwiched between two advertising boards. 
  • But these days human resources are generally too expensive to commit to someone standing around with your advertising (unless you are somewhere where static street signs are not permitted). So the folding A board sign has become the new sandwich board.

Which wooden pavement sign board is best?

  • Choose your wooden pavement board carefully. Some blackboard surfaces are fully weatherproof while others can deteriorate rapidly in wet weather if used outside. Also, consider the effects of wind as you wouldn't want a lightweight wood  A frame toppling over or taking off down the street. 
  • We have heavy duty wood a-boards and premium wood chalkboard signs recommended for outdoor use 

Which type of chalk pens should I use with a wooden A-board?

  • Choose your chalk pens carefully. Fine pens and stick chalk look insignificant on a decent size blackboard pavement sign. 
  • Wet wipe pens are great for indoor use as they can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or kitchen roll. But you don't want your sign smudged by kiddies paw prints or Dad's jeans on a wet day. 
  • So for outdoor blackboards, we recommend waterproof chalk pens, which can be ordered from us when you order your blackboard pavement sign. They can also be erased easily - we explain how in the chalk pens section.