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Paper display rail - paper rail hanging system

Paper display rail is designed with paper gripper rollers inside a wall mounted rail.

Our paper rail hanging system is equally adaptable for use in restaurants as a tab grabber for holding kitchen orders, or on the wall of a classroom or office for displaying any combination of paper notes, posters, maps and charts.  Read more...

Paper grip rail concept

The paper display rail is a proven solution for displaying any kind of paper document quickly and securely - yet with the possibility to remove it easily. This makes the paper rail hanging system adaptable to many situations. Paper gripper rails are to be found in pubs and restaurant kitchens, in schools and hospitals, in offices and training rooms.

A series of small rollers within the wall rail grip individual sheets however large or small. The paper rail sign gripper works with thin paper through to posters printed on thick art paper or large laminated maps and wall charts.

Restaurant kitchen order holder

Known as a tab grabber, the paper grip rail is a vital piece of equipment in many restaurants, pubs and cafes where customer orders are hand written on order pads. The paper grabber rail is mounted above the servery or behind the serving counter for ease of reference by kitchen or waiting staff. This durable easy-clean product is also known as a note grabber, restaurant order holder or note nipper.

Paper rail hanging system in schools and offices

The wall display paper gripper is a versatile paper rail hanging system for the school classroom, office meeting room or art exhibition space. The wider models serve as a practical poster display rail for artwork, paintings or visual aids. You can mix small notices and large charts in a single display. As the paper can be removed as easily as it is inserted this is an ideal solution for specific meetings or short term exhibitions of art or photography. The widest paper display rails we stock are 150 cm wide (nearly 5 ft wide), which is large enough to take large architectural plans or several flip chart graphics for reference during a training session or team meeting.

Paper display rail features

Wall display rail with paper gripper has the following benefits:

  • Simple to fix on many surfaces using the super-strong adhesive tape fixing option - just peel off the backing film and apply to a suitable clean surface 
  • Push in paper to grip tight, lift away to release.
  • Makes an effective restaurant order holder or note grabber
  • Display paintings, posters and artwork for short-term exhibitions
  • Useful in a design studio or drawing office for displaying plans and drawings 
  • Use in the training room to display flip chart sheets, maps and charts.