Revolving 4-sided carousel brochure stands

  • Revolving leaflet stand with four faces
  • Available with A4, A5 or DL magazine pockets
  • 4-sided design with 5 pockets per side and stable star-shaped base 

Revolving 4-sided carousel brochure stands

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Revolving leaflet stand with 20 magazine pockets

Revolving leaflet stands have a huge brochure capacity yet they are easy to browse thanks to the carousel stand.  This floor-standing rotating catalogue stand has five tiers of brochure dispensers displayed on each of the four faces.

The smart black framework is supported on a star-shaped pedestal base which sits directly on the floor (without castors).  There is a robust revolving bearing between the base and the pole to allow the stand to spin or rotate when turned around by the customer. The black finish to the stand looks smart and modern with high-quality clip-on leaflet dispensers.

4 sided rotating display stand carousel 20 A5 leaflet dispensers

  • Black finish to the stand looks smart anywhere and combines well with the quality clip-on plastic leaflet dispensers.
  • Can be ordered with 3 sizes of pockets to take a total of:
    20xA4, 20xA5 or 40x1/3rd A4 (DL size) pockets.
  • Revolving carousel design is perfect for use when space is limited or if the literature rack must be placed against a wall or in a corner. 

4 sided leaflet dispenser floor stand with mixed A4 and DL Trifold pockets 

  • Mixed size available combining two faces of A4 (10 A4 pockets) and two faces of DL (20 pockets).  
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