Suspension kits for LED Letters

Suspension kits for LED Letters

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Four different fixing kits are available to support LED Alphabet signs.
Each kit will support up to 8 LED letters - so if there are 9 or more letters in the word or phrase you will need to order two kits.

Kit A is for hanging LED Letters directly to the inside face of windows. The Window hanging kit consists of two suckers operated by a lever cam with a pair of metal C-hooks.

Kit B includes a near-invisible nylon filament plus two screw-on ceiling fixings and tiny metal joiners. These are tightened with a screw driver once the height of the sign has been set. Excess nylon is trimmed with scissors.

Kit C includes everthing needed to create a loop of wire supported by two screw-on ceiling fixings. The quick-lock Urban Trapeze fitting (see video) offers a faster-to-adjust alternative to Kit B - but wire cutters are required to trim off excess. 4m wire included.

Kit D is like Kit C but it includes two suspended ceiling Twiston fittings instead of screw-on ceiling fixings. These lock onto standard false ceiling grids offering quick and easy installation. Wire cutters required to trim off excess wire. 4m wire included.

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