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Ceiling buttons self adhesive - Pack 100

  • Oval shaped self-adhesive ceiling buttons with hanging loop
  • Accepts 2mm double ended hooks for hanging display signage 
  • The large strong adhesive area of the oval ceiling clip sticks better than the smaller round versions 

Ceiling buttons self adhesive - Pack 100

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Ceiling buttons self-adhesive for hanging signs from a ceiling

The oval ceiling hanging button has a large 4cm x 2cm foam adhesive pad which gives these buttons the maximum surface area to cling to your ceiling or suspended ceiling grids, they work especially well in areas where a twist-on or clip-to hanger doesn't work.

Supplied in handy bulk bags of 100 these very low-cost ceiling clips made from white plastic blend into your painted ceilings meaning that when your sign is not in use the button can be left in place ready for the next time it is required. 

The large loop hanger is big enough to accept 2mm wire double-ended hooks as well as nylon line and string and gives a fast easy solution to suspending signs. 

What weight can you hang from a ceiling clip?

Even though most POS signs are lightweight ie less than 1Kg, it is always good practice to test a hanging display before leaving it unattended. The condition of the surface plays a huge part in the adhesive strength. 

  • Clean grease-free surfaces have the best adhesion 
  • Flaky and uneven surfaces limit the weight capacity 
  • Windy locations will stress the adhesive and in time will need to be replaced
  • Adheres well to Suspended ceiling grids but max capacity of your sign should be less than 1.5Kg  

I need to suspend a heavier sign - what can I use?

We have many different hanging systems for various weights of hanging signboards and more permanent visual merchandising displays up to 15Kg.

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