Grip Strip clear PVC U-channel fixing

  • Grip Strip channel for is intended for holding plastic Slim Frames - typically in garden centres 
  • The clear plastic U-channel extrusion is made from outdoor grade material 
  • It can be cut to length and screwed to wooden display tables and plant benches

Grip Strip clear PVC U-channel fixing

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U-channel fixing strip for plastic poster frames 

Grip Strip is a clear plastic U-shaped channel specifically intended for screwing onto wooden displays to hold plastic Slim Frames. Grip Strip is popular in the garden centre industry for securing frames onto wooden plant benches.  The frames are a firm push fit and are held securely.

  • The U-channels are pre-drilled with a series of holes to facilitate fixing with screws.
  • Grip Strip is sold online in full 40m packs. There are 20 pieces each 2m long in a pack. 
  • Grip Strip is designed to fit A5, A4 and A3 Slim frames only. 

Grip Strip is extruded in clear (slightly frosted appearance) PVC and can be used successfully outdoors or inside.  It can easily be cut to length - plastic pipe cutters or secateurs are suitable.

Where else can you buy Grip Strip?

Grip Strip is a product unique to Green Magic Co. We supply this U channel as part of our outdoor signage system for garden retailers.

We have developed this product over many years and it has become a standard fitment to many of the UK garden centre benching manufacturers. Grip Strip is designed for use with Green Magic Slim Frames - other suppliers' showcard frames may fit but only the Slim Frames will stay firmly in place on a windy day. Whilst initially it may seem more expensive than traditional bed card tracking the system pays for itself as the point of sale stays protected from the wind and elements, no more picking the bed cards up off the floor every morning! When the stock changes location just take the slim frame with it and plug it into the new location. 

This system has been used successfully for many years in nearly all of the GCA garden centres of excellence around the UK. Supplied as ever by Green Magic the specialist in Garden Centre retail display equipment.     

Where do I find the Slim Frames? 

Click Right Here the link will take you to our slim frame area where you can choose your size and colour of Garden centre show card frames .

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