Floor stand for rigid sign board - Panelfix

  • Panelfix FreeStander is a floor sign stand used to hold a rigid sign up to 10mm thick 
  • Best used with printed foam-centred board or other light but rigid graphic substrate 
  • Clamp fitting with thumbscrew fixes onto adjustable height pole with a stable base

Floor stand for rigid sign board - Panelfix

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Free-standing PanelFix display panel stand

  • Panelfix FreeStanders are used to display small signs typically up to 40 cm square and 1 cm thick - though the maximim size depends on the  type and weight of sign board used and the nature of the application. 
  • Any shape sign can be used provided the board is stiff enough to be clamped in one central bottom point. The sign is not included in the price.
  • A sign printed on 10mm foam centred board or a similar type of display panel is secured in the U-shape metal bracket by a small handwheel screw. The depth of the U-bracket is 10 mm and the width is 100 mm. 
  • The pole, also made of metal, is telecopic with height adjustment from 1m up to 1.8m. Signs can be displayed at chest height, eye level or above the heads of a busy crowd
  • The pole is secured into the base with a firm push-fit. This Covered base comprises a heavy recycled plastic core with a moulded decorative top cover. The stand colour is black.
  • This floor stand for rigid sign boards is normally limited to indoor use - but short-term outdoor use may be practical for smaller signs printed on waterproof substrates.
  • Shaped signs are possible to secure as long as there is a flat area at the bottom at least 10 cm wide - the actual signboards are generally produced by a sign or graphics company (we only supply the stands)


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