Opti Frames with safe corners, A4 to A1

  • Opti frames are quality poster snap frames with soft safe corners (instead of pointy metal) 
  • Best value snap frames for wall mounting by screws, picture pins or by sticking
  • Safety corner snap frames are perfect for schools, hospitals: for walls, doors etc. 
Safe corner snap frames all A paper sizes
Safe corner snap frames all A paper sizes Safety cornered snap frame A4 Opti snap frame certificate holder Opti Frames with safe corners, A4 to A1 A4 Opti snap frame 25mm profile A4 Opti frame  - safety cornered snap frame A3 Opti frame  - safety cornered snap frame A2 Opti frame  - safety cornered snap frame A1Opti frame  - safety cornered snap frame

Opti Frames with safe corners, A4 to A1

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Opti poster Snap Frames in sizes A4, A3, A2 and A1 for wall mounting

Opti Snap frames are safe and economical snap frames. Display your own printed poster signs to clearly communicate your message. Snap open frame mechanism lets you change your message quickly and easily meaning you can refresh your signage within seconds not days. 

The 25mm wide aluminium frame border has a smart silver finish, with no sharp corners. These high quality A1, A2, A3 and A4 snap frames with safety tipped corners are now available from stock with next day delivery.

How do you change the poster in a snap frame 

Simply open up the front of the frame and insert your sign behind the clear plastic cover sheet. Posters can be changed easily without removing the frame from the wall or door etc.

Easy ways to fit your snap frames to a wall

  • SCREW: The rear of the frame is moulded out of durable rigid plastic. Screw holes are provided for concealed wall fixing. (Screws and wall plugs are supplied).
  • STICK: On smooth surfaces such as doors double-sided tape may be used (Order 1 roll/10 A4 frames or 7 A3 frames).
  • HANG: Opti A4 and A3 snap frames can conveniently be wall hung on a picture pin, either portrait or landscape. The pin or nail is hidden behind the frame - no picture cord is required. 
  • A separate free-standing A4 version is available for countertop use with a folding leg.

Why is a safety snap frame 

  • Standard snap frames sometimes have a sharp corner where the frame opens - Opti frames have a smooth tipped corner.
  • Safe to use where the general public might come into contact with or brush past the frame.  

Where would you use an Opti frame 

Anywhere that there is a risk of someone coming into contact with your sign, either on a wall or screwed to a door. Schools and colleges use Opti frames in corridors and in toilets where there is an increased risk of contact. 

 Are Opti Frames in stock 

Yes, we have possibly the largest stocks of silver Opti snap frames in the UK ready to ship for next day delivery, even when we run low we have many more due in from the factory most weeks. If you have a really large quantity to purchase, give our friendly sales staff a call we might be able to save you some money too.

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