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Kitchen, Bar and Service

You'll find a wealth of information on display in any commercial kitchen from health and safety notices to notes from front-of-house and customer orders. Make sure your crucial information is easily seen by all by framing notices in magnetic holders with coloured borders and ensure service runs smoothly by using a ticket holder to contain and organise orders. Read more ...

Displaying information in professional kitchens

Commercial kitchens are busy spaces where efficiency and safety are crucial to the success of the business. Kitchen rules and regulations will need to be displayed clearly for all staff to see, as well as health, safety and standards notices. If your front-of-house staff take down handwritten orders, you'll also benefit from using a kitchen order ticket holder in the service area.

  • Use magnetic holders to display rules, regulations, and safety notices
  • Stick-on holders cling to walls, tiles and even fridge doors
  • Checklist holders are a great way to see that cleaning rotas are being maintained
  • Using a kitchen order holder in the service area helps keep chef on top of the orders