Tamper proof secure snap frames

  • Tamper resistant A4 snap frames and A3 snap frames
  • Best selling A3 secure snap frames for pubs and restrooms
  • A2 tamper-proof secure poster holder for nightclubs etc.
  • Evacuation sign holders A4, A3, and A2 print sizes with next day delivery
Tamper proof secure snap frames
Tamper proof secure snap frames Tamper proof secure snap frames Tamper proof secure snap frames

Tamper proof secure snap frames

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Tamper proof snap frames

A4, A3 and A2 sizes offer a great way to prevent people from interfering with your signs and notices.  Manufactured from 25mm wide secure profile with a tamper-resistant design which cannot easily be opened without the special lever tool.

  • Anodised aluminium finish, complete with poster protector, tamper-resistant design offering protection against theft and interference.
  • Tamper-proof frames require a lever tool to open the frame as otherwise, the profile makes it almost impossible to open the frame.
  • Tamperproof snap frames are technically 'tamper resistant' and cheaper than the alternative Lockable Snap Frames or Poster Cases (with a hinged locking door) which may also be considered if the budget will permit.

Secure snap frames are ideal for displaying advertising in locations such as night club toilets where there is a higher risk of vandalism. The usual finger-tip recess found on typical snap frames is omitted and extra springs are fitted making secure snap frames very hard to open up the frame, even with determination and strong fingernails.

Evacuation plan sign holders - wall mounted 

Many businesses now have their evacuation plans and maps clearly mounted on the walls of their buildings. Most have their plans professionally designed and printed and displayed with the sign-holders secure snap frames to prevent people tampering with or even removing these special safety signs.

Choose from the ever popular A4, A3 and A2  evac sign holders in stock and ready to ship for next day delivery.

Lever tools to be ordered separately. These are supplied as a plastic lever tool or metal lever tool depending on availability. Both work equally well.

A4 Tamperproof snap frames,
A3 Tamper proof snap frames now ON SALE at 60% OFF and
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