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Suspending poster frames from a ceiling or wall

Suspending a double-sided poster frame from a ceiling or wall makes the most of the space available to you and can create a hard-to-miss display for promotions, offers, or simply guiding customers. Suspended poster frames also work brilliantly in shop window displays for enticing passers-by into your store.

We stock all the frames and the poster hanging kits you need to make a display whether you're looking for ceiling poster holders, suspended poster frames, or a contemporary and minimalist-looking stretch frame. Read more...

Suspended poster frames Double-sided snap frames 

Snap frames are perfect for use as hanging or suspended poster frames that can be seen from both directions - just place two prints back-to-back, snap the frame shut and suspend using hanging eyes and wires. You can even adjust the height if you use one of our special hanging cable sets.

  • Double-sided Portrait Snap frames are available in sizes A4 to A1 poster sizes
  • Double-sided landscape snap frames are available in A3 to A1 poster sizes
  • Hanging wire and cable sets are available to suit all types of ceilings
  • Stack your framed display using floor-to-ceiling cables - just pass the cable through the fluted back panel between the two graphics
  • A pair of wires will support two or more frames of the same size
  • Height adjustment and levelling are easy with the stopper fittings supplied

Stretch frames for posters

Use stretch frames for your posters if you want to create an extra modern, elegant and contemporary look. These frames are easy to use, look particularly good in window displays and are very cost-effective

  • Each corner of the frame contains a clear clip that grips your poster and attaches to a spring
  • Frames are made from strong, yet slim, aluminium tubes creating a sleek look
  • Available in A3 size

Double-sided LED lightboxes to suspend from a ceiling

  • Low voltage LED edge-lit lightboxes for point of sale posters hanging from a ceiling 
  • Suspension kit and 12v power supply included