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Plastic top-loading frames for notices (stick-on frames)

Plastic frames with insertion slot in the top edge and adhesive pad fixings on the back - the low cost solution for many situations from displaying cleaning signs in toilets to displaying staff notices on the wall. Stick on frames come in several colours and conveniently accept laminated (oversize) paper Read more...

Wall mounted plastic frames for facilities management and notices

Plastic slide-in style poster frames have many applications. That includes keeping a check on toilet cleaning for good practice in facilities management. These frames are easily mounted on the toilet or bathroom wall. A clear plastic poster protector slides down in front of your printed check sheet or notice. When the cleaner or janitor services the facilities it is an easy matter to lift the front cover with the help of a finger-lift D-tab attached to the plastic cover sheet.

The same stick-on plastic frames can be used for displaying customer notices, health and safety information and other purposes in any workplace situation. In this case the finger-lift tab is not generally fitted. These frames also suit laminated paper signs as they are slightly over-sized to suit standard laminating pouches.