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Changeable poster frames - top loading - plastic, metal and wood

Top loading poster frames have a slot in the top of the frame. This makes them a practical solution for a display that is quick and easy to change.

Slot in poster frames are available in plastic, metal and wood. There are two different types of plastic frame: Coloured plastic frames have additional benefits and can be used outdoors. Clear plastic frames are for indoor retail POS. Read more...

Changeable signs and posters - easy with slot-in frames

All these poster frames feature a poster insertion slot in one edge. This makes it really easy to update your message or sign. Display boards, prints or chalkcards can be slid into the open slot. They are sometimes called Slot-in frames or Slide-in poster holders. Easy change signs - that's what this range of sign holders offers.  Poster frames with slots are popular in retail situations and for special situations such as displaying toilet servicing check sheets.

Wall-mounted, hanging or tabletop sign holders - no problem!

Our plastic poster holders all feature a specially shaped surround onto which various clips and fittings attach offering a wide range of mounting options. Plastic Slim frames are made from ABS and they fit paper prints which have been encapsulated in a laminating pouch - they are slightly oversized to fit laminated prints as well as plain paper. For our plastic frames we stock a very comprehensize range of fixings, fittings, clips, magnets and feet.

Woodline frames in natural beech and Alu Profile frames in sleek anodised aluminium both share the same stepped edge design. This means that fittings and clips are interchangeable between the two models. We show the same clips in both categories because there are a couple of fittings that only suit Woodline frames.

Top-loading poster frames suit many POS displays

Top loading frames with an open slot in one edge of the frame can be used landscape - in which case they become side-loading frames. The range we offer is very versatile and frames can be wall-mounted, used on table tops and counters or hung from rails. Because of this they are used in many different situations. For example: Plastic frames and plastic sign holders are used for many applications including display of outdoor POS in garden centres and DIY stores. Woodline beechwood wooden poster frames are used in restaurants and for menus on serving counters. Alu profile anodised aluminium frames are used in fashion chains, travel agents, photo shops and other stores. These are just a few examples! Slot-in or slide-in style poster frames can be used for almost limitless situations where advertisements, posters, signs and notices need to be changed or updated regularly.