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No handshake zone poster display

Most workplaces are actively considering what they can do to limit the spread of Coronavirus. Avoiding the traditional handshake is gaining momentum but staff and visitors may feel awkward without guidance and clear communication. To assist we have produced a ‘No-Handshake Zone’ poster which is free to download and print as you wish.

The high-resolution PDF file can be downloaded by anyone and printed out at A4 size – or much larger if you have that facility. Our No-Handshake poster can be freely shared and printed multiple times (not for resale).

Click to download No Handshake poster

Alternative design No Handshakes please

We have created two alternative posters as a public service. You can display them any way you like without any royalty or copyright concerns.

Safety poster display ideas

While you’re here, we’d like to show you some simple ways to display a safety poster professionally, without resorting to sticky tape and tacky blue stuff.

Adhesive poster pockets

This website is all about displaying printed signs and posters. We’d like to show you a couple of cost-effective products which simply stick to almost any wall, window or door. These adhesive poster pockets can be repositioned or removed just as easily. This makes them ideal for displaying different temporary notices as the Coronavirus situation develops.

Self-cling notice holder

Noteplexx self-cling notice holders (above) display and A4 or A3 print behind a clear acetate cover made with gecko-like tacky strips at the top and bottom. They work on any smooth surface including lift doors, painted walls and tiles. On glass the notice shows both ways if you print double-sided or you can insert two sheets back to back.

Adhesive poster pocket

Duraframe is an adhesive poster pocket with a magnetic cover sheet (above image). The black or silver frame adds visual impact to your notice. Simply stick the poster pocket in a prominent location. Then print off the No Handshake Zone poster and insert it into the frame. These print holders with adhesive backing can be repositioned and removed from most surfaces without damaging the wall. They are available in A6, A5, A4 and A3 size. You can design your own handshake policy notice if you prefer. Naturally you can reuse the pocket for future notices.

Posterfix reusable poster holder

Posterfix are similar reusable poster holders with various colours of magnetic strips to keep your No Handshakes posters looking professional (see above). As soon as businesses need to change to different CoronaVirus status the holders are ready and quick to update.  We all need agile and adaptable communication strategies at this time.

Other ways to display safety posters

Sign-Holders offers many ways to display posters of all sizes in any situation. Here are a couple more ideas, which lend themselves to a poster communicating hand shaking policy during the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak.

There is a Duraframe with a red and white stripe border identifying it is an important safety notice. Like a regular Duraframe the A4 safety notice holder has a peel-off adhesive back and a magnetic closure to keep notices pristine.

Safety poster display ideas

If you want to create more impact with your posters in a busy foyer or public entrance you may want a free-standing poster holder to display large prints. The two examples in the image suits A1 size and A3 size respectively – both featuring a snap open poster frame.

Outdoor sign stands

In some situations temporary signs need to be displayed outside, for viewing before visitors enter the building. Pavement signs such as A-boards are readily available with various sizes of poster frames. Snap frame A-boards can be used to communicate emergency policies.

Outdoor sign stand

If your sign is printed onto a rigid display panel we have a sign-clamp product with a heavy-duty outdoor grade base. This serves as an outdoor sign stand for temporary situations.
(Please note the image does not show an actual Coronavirus testing station! It has been created for illustration purposes only).

We hope you will find our no handshake poster useful, whether or not you are a customer.
We wish everyone all the best and sincerely hope you stay safe.

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