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Menu holder with curved aluminium base

Table menu holder with upscale designer styling.

A stylish menu holder which displays menus neatly and professionally in many enviroments ... 

Desk Menu and Desk Presenter table top menu holder

Curved aluminium base stylish table-top menu holders are offered in two ranges. Both styles of  desktop sign holder impart a prestige up-market look to your tabletop communications - very contemporary and also highly practical.

Desk Menu print holders are very competitively priced allowing access to upscale styling at little more than the cost of our budget menu holder ranges.  The silver aluminium base relies on a firm spring action cunningly incorporated into the design.

Desk Presenter comprises a curved silver aluminium base into which an acrylic print carrier is securely inserted.  The very secure push-fit is achieved with a concealed rubber strip built into the base.  Desk Presenter is a higher priced version of exceptional quality.

DL, A6 and A5 Menu Holders

  • DL menu holder with impact resistant clear pockets  
  • A6 & A5 menu holders with modern style metal clip base 

Acrylic menu sign holders with curved metal base

Desk Menu is a two-part table menu holder featuring a clear acrylic pocket fitted into a gently curved metal base.  The look is classy and modern - ideal for reception desks, wine bars, restaurant tables, funiture retailers and many other situations.

A number of sizes are available - this section deals with A6 and A5 menu holders and DL size referred to as 1/3rd A4 as the paper is the size of a standard A4 sheet folded in three.  

  • The curved-shape base is made from silver anodised aluminium and very stable.
  • An ingenious spring action built into the base allows the acrylic part to be inserted and held firmly.
  • A5 menus, DL size flyers etc can be inserted and exchanged easily.  Suitable for both single-sided and double-sided use.  Currently only stocked in portrait style (other versions and branded base options available subject to MOQ's).

Description/Code Each 10+ 25+ 100+
A6 Desk Menu DMENU.A6 £3.99
inc. VAT £4.79
£3.59 £3.27 £2.99
1/3A4 (DL size) Desk Menu DMENU.1/3A4 £4.25
inc. VAT £5.10
£3.83 £3.49 £3.19
A5 Desk Menu DMENU.A5 £5.30
inc. VAT £6.36
£4.77 £4.35 £3.98

A4 Menu Holders modern look

  • Modern looking A4 menu and product sign holders 
  • A4 menu holders landscape and portrait with metal curved base 

A4 menu price sign holders 2 part - High quality acrylic with curved base 

Desk Menu holders are a really stylish and practical A4 Menu Holder available in portrait and landscape versions to display double sided product information. When used as an A4 price ticket holder price information can be quickly and easily updated with the snap clip base system.

  1. Curved aluminium base with sleek lines forms a stable foot for use on all types of tables, bars, desks or counters.
  2. Clever spring-loaded clip action allows the clear acrylic menu holder to be inserted into the base and held firmly.  Both the sturdy A4 acrylic pocket and the silver metal base are included in the price.
  3. Menus, A4 price lists or leaflets printed either on paper or card are displayed professionally and easily changed as required.  Suitable for single or double-sided use.

Smaller size Desk Menu stands are available in A5 and DL sizes.  Curved bases can also be supplied on their own for use with a printed sign panel up to 6mm thick.

Description/Code Each 10+ 25+ 100+
A4 Desk Menu - portrait DMENU.A4 £7.75
inc. VAT £9.30
£6.98 £6.36 £5.81
A4 Desk Menu - landscape DMENU.A4/L £8.35
inc. VAT £10.02
£7.52 £6.85 £6.26

Table name holder - Desk top

  • Table name holder with modern curved base - 1/3A4 print size 
  • High quality table name holding sign system  - landscape 1/3 A4 paper 

Desk & Counter top name holder with modern curved base 

When impressions count the Desk Menu name card holder fits the bill - stylish design at a very reasonable price.  Ideal if you plan to update desk name plates using a regular office printer - creating a very professional result.

Crystal clear acrylic name card holder fits a compliments slip size paper insert (one third of a sheet of A4 paper 210mm wide by 99mm high - approx 8" wide by 4" high). 

  • Produce your own inserts on your office printer or get your printer to produce blanks incorporating your logo.
  • The acrylic desk name plate holder then clips securely into a curved aluminium base making this upscale name card holder suitable for either single- or double-sided use.
  • Perfect for AGM meetings, Reception desks, Council meetings, Press Conference, symposium speaker identification, top table delegate name badges etc.

Description/Code Each 10+ 25+ 100+
Desk Menu table name holder 1/3A4 DMENU.TNH £4.99
inc. VAT £5.99
£4.49 £4.09 £3.74

Table top base for rigid sign panels

Curved clip-on bases for small printed sign panels and display boards

Snap action clip on poster board holders

Looking for a base to hold a poster board or other rigid panel upright to stand it on a table?  The snapper base could be your answer, available in several sizes to hold display boards from A6 up to A3 size.

Snap clip-on bases for rigid panels are classy modern curved metal bases. They are ideal for holding custom made printed panels or rigid sign boards up to 6mm (1/4 in) thick to display your signs, notices and menu systems on table tops.

  • The curved-shape base is made from silver anodised aluminium and very stable.
  • An ingenious spring action built into the base allows a rigid panel to be inserted and held firmly.
  • A number of size widths are available - 105mm (4in), 148mm (6in), 210mm (8in) and 297mm (12in).
  • Can be used singly or in pairs to support larger signs.
  • Easy to use - recycleable at end of life.

Description/Code Each 10+ 25+ 100+
Snapper Base 100mm wide SWBASE.DL £2.80
inc. VAT £3.36
£2.52 £2.30 £2.10

Ideal panel size DL also known as  1/3rd A4 which is 100mm x 210mm. Max panel thickness 6mm

Snapper Base 105mm wide SWBASE.10 £2.80
inc. VAT £3.36
£2.52 £2.30 £2.10

Ideal panel size A6 which is 105mm x 148mm Max thickness 6mm

Snapper Base 148mm wide SWBASE.15 £2.99
inc. VAT £3.59
£2.69 £2.45 £2.24

Ideal panel size A5 which is 148mm x 210mm. Max panel thickness 6mm

Snapper Base 210mm wide SWBASE.20 £3.25
inc. VAT £3.90
£2.93 £2.67 £2.44

Ideal panel size A4 portrait 210mm x 297mm , you can also use this A5 landscape 210mm x 148mm

Snapper Base 297mm wide SWBASE.30 £3.85
inc. VAT £4.62
£3.47 £3.16 £2.89

Ideal panel size A4 Landscape 297mm x 210mm. Max panel thickness 6mm

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