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Snap frames poster holders - silver 25mm

  • Most popular A4 snap frames in UK
  • All sizes including A2 and A1 snap frames
  • Easy snap action poster frames

Silver snap frames with best selling 25mm profile

The width of the frame surround is 25mm i.e. 1 inch wide border; this is the most popular profile for snap frame poster holders in UK

Quality is not compromised in this snap frame range - high volume production keeps our prices low. The curved profile surround of these mitre corner frames offers contemporary styling. The smart anodised finish of silver snap frames will suit any decor.

We hold massive stocks of A4 snap frames, A3 snap frames, A2 snap frames and other popular sizes.
A5 up to A1 snap frames are now ON SALE at big savings.

  • The four sides of the snap frame are spring-loaded to hinge open and close with a snap action.
  • Any paper sign, printed notice or poster is slipped behind the supplied poster protector.
  • Snap frames are so easy to use. Everything is included - even concealed wall fixings.
  • Double-side adhesive tape is available as an alternative for fixing to suitable clean surfaces. 

Description/Code Each 10+ 30+ 100+
A5 snap frames, 25mm profile, mitred AS.A5/25 RRP: 5.50 ex. VAT Sale item £3.30
inc. VAT £3.96
£2.97 £2.77 £2.64
A4 snap frames, 25mm profile, mitred AS.A4/25 RRP: 5.40 ex. VAT Sale item £3.95
inc. VAT £4.74
£3.56 £3.35 £3.15
A3 snap frames, 25mm profile, mitred AS.A3/25 RRP: 9.70 ex. VAT Sale item £5.40
inc. VAT £6.48
£4.90 £4.65 £4.25
A2 snap frame, 25mm profile, mitred AS.A2/25 RRP: 12.99 ex. VAT Sale item £7.05
inc. VAT £8.46
£6.50 £6.48 £6.45
A1 snap frame, 25mm profile, mitred AS.A1/25 RRP: 19.50 ex. VAT Sale item £10.75
inc. VAT £12.90
£10.15 £9.69 £9.55
20x30 inch snap frame, 25mm mitred AS.20.30/25 RRP: 17.75 ex. VAT Sale item £15.80
inc. VAT £18.96
£14.22 £12.96 £11.85
B2 (500x700mm) snap frame, 25mm AS.B2/25 RRP: 15.20 ex. VAT Sale item £13.60
inc. VAT £16.32
£12.24 £11.15 £10.20

More about these popular silver snap frames

25mm refers to the width of the snap frame surround.  This is the part which opens up to gain access to the contents and the fixing holes. 

  • 25mm width is very popular for A4 snap frames and other frame sizes up to A1.  A4 size is the standard paper size for office printers (except in N America). 
  • Mitre corners* means that the corners are cut at a 45 degree angle such that the two profiles butt perfectly together.  Precision manufacturing ensures the mitre joints close correctly without an unsightly gap.  
    This is provided that printed paper or thin card inserts are used and the poster size accurately matches the frame size.  For use with thicker inserts or laminated (i.e. oversized) paper, please click here.

If double-side adhesive tape is used to fix frames (in place of the screws supplied) please check the smoothness and suitability of the wall. Tiles and similar surfaces may be suitable provided they are cleaned thoroughly before application. Tape fixing is not suitable for surfaces with a non-stick coating or porous/foamed surfaces.  We recommend that tape is used around the full perimeter of the frame. Larger frames are normally best screwed. A residue of foam tape will be left on the wall or door after removal of the frame and the frame will usually be hard to get off.

Front to back depth of frame: 12mm
Visible poster size: 22mm less than actual poster (i.e. 11mm all round your poster is hidden by the frame surround)

Overall (external) frame sizes:

  • A4 snap frame: 239x326mm
  • A3 snap frame: 326x449mm
  • A2 snap frame: 449x623mm
  • A1 snap frame: 623x870mm
  • 20in x 30in snap frame: 537x791mm

25mm snap frames are sometimes called snap picture frames or trappa frames because the aluminium profile traps the edge of the poster securely.



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