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New repositionable magnetic poster frames
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Black snap frames in standard sizes

Black snap frame - simply snap open to change the poster

Smart black finish snap frame profiles

Aluminium snap frame with durable powder coated finish in semi-gloss black - available from stock in popular A4 snap frame size, together with A3, A2 and A1 size black poster frames.

In the versatile Opti frame range we also stock black snap frames in the more petite A5 and A6 sizes.  These have a narrower surround which looks neat and well proportioned when displaying a smaller size print or photo.  Refer to our paper size guide (right) if you're not sure about sizes.

See also our Full snap frame range.

Black snap frames

  • Including our popular A4 and black A3 snap frames
  • Best quality Black poster and sign holding snap frames 
  • Huge stocks for next day delivery 

Black snap frames best quality in UK

The popular alternative to the standard silver colour. The black 25mm (1") wide profile border attractively frames your print or picture.
The 25mm profiles are epoxy powder coated to give a smart durable finish. The frame corners are mitred accurately for a perfect finish.

Standard black snap frames are now ON SALE.

  • Posters and prints can be changed in seconds without taking the frame off the wall.
  • Easy to fix to the wall by screws (screws and wall plugs are supplied).
  • Black A4 snap frames available in standard and safety tipped corner versions - ideal for schools and colleges.
  • Flexible plastic poster cover sheet is included for protection (anti-glare finish).

We also supply movie poster frames in black.

We also stock red snap frames and white snap frames.

Description/Code Each 10+ 30+ 100+
A5 snap frame, 25mm profile, black AS.A5/25-B RRP: 6.50 ex. VAT Sale item £3.60
inc. VAT £4.32
£3.30 £2.99 £2.70
A4 snap frame, 25mm profile, black AS.A4/25-B RRP: 7.25 ex. VAT Sale item £4.55
inc. VAT £5.46
£4.25 £3.99 £3.85
A3 snap frame, 25mm profile, black AS.A3/25-B RRP: 9.70 ex. VAT Sale item £6.65
inc. VAT £7.98
£6.20 £5.90 £5.60
A2 snap frame, 25mm profile, black AS.A2/25-B RRP: 12.95 ex. VAT Sale item £8.90
inc. VAT £10.68
£7.95 £7.50 £7.10
A1 Black snap frame, 25mm profile AS.A1/25-B RRP: 18.25 ex. VAT Sale item £12.95
inc. VAT £15.54
£11.90 £11.75 £11.50

Movie Poster Frames 30mm profile

  • Exceptional quality Movie Poster Frames
  • 27 x 40" and B1 size poster snap frames
  • Huge stocks of movie poster frames next day delivery

One Sheet 27x40 inch size movie poster frame in silver or black finish.

Smart design snap frame to display one sheet size movie posters in cinema foyer, corporate offices, home cinema or contemporary living room.

  • This is a 27"x40" frame  also known as a one sheet frame
  • Sometimes used for European B1 size posters: 70x100 cm.
  • The 27x40 aluminium frame has a contemporary styling using a 30mm 'cushion' shape profile which complements the display. All frames are supplied complete and ready to fix, with anti-glare flexible plastic poster protector (not glass) front cover and wall fixings.
  • We are proud to regularly supply these poster frames to The Walt Disney Company.  Due to production volumes we are pleased to offer at new low prices.

PLEASE NOTE: Click here to evaluate the full specification of this product.

Description/Code Each 10+ 25+
27x40 inch snap frame, silver AS.27.40/30-S £25.50
inc. VAT £30.60
£22.95 £20.91

For 27x40 inch movie posters.  Also suits 27x39 inch.

27x40 inch movie poster frame, black AS.27.40/30-B £26.50
inc. VAT £31.80
£23.85 £21.73

For 27x40 in movie posters.  Also suits 27x39 inch.

A0/30x40 poster frames in silver or black

  • A0 Large poster holders Black & Silver
  • 30x40" poster frames Black & Silver
  • Large poster holders UK stocks 

A0 30x40" large poster snap frame sign holders 

Large poster snap frame provides a great way to display 30x40 Quad size movie posters and A0 size poster prints or large photos.  
The four sides of the 30mm wide frame open by hand, while the 30x40 inch frame remains fixed to the wall, to enable display of any movie poster from your collection or the latest advertising poster in your store.

  • Available in stylish satin silver or contemporary black paint finish. Frames can be mounted portrait or landscape.
  • Frames come with concealed wall fixings and a flexible anti-glare plastic poster cover sheet.
  • 30x40in frame fits Quad size movie posters. The frame covers a narrow border around the poster. See More details to decide if a snap frame is the right poster frame for you.
  • Large snap frames can be used as large photo frames in situations where a flexible clear plastic face is acceptable instead of a glass front.  These silver or black frames allow you to insert and change a large photo from the front - without taking the frame down from the wall.
  • Suitable for use outdoors, we recommend printing on waterproof plastic type papers or see our waterproof snapframe section  

Description/Code Each 10+ 25+ 100+
Silver Quad size snap poster frame AS.30.40/30 £30.00
inc. VAT £36.00
£27.00 £24.60 £22.50

30"x 40" silver snap frame with 30mm wide border - suits Quad posters

Black Quad size snap poster frame AS.30.40/30-B £30.00
inc. VAT £36.00
£27.00 £24.60 £22.50

30"x 40" black snap frame with 30mm wide border - suits Quad posters

Silver A0 snap frame, 30mm border AS.A0/30 £33.25
inc. VAT £39.90
£29.93 £27.27 £24.94

A0 size frame fits posters 841mm x 1188mm (approx 33"x 47")

Black A0 snap frame, 30mm border AS.A0/30-B £35.00
inc. VAT £42.00
£31.50 £28.70 £26.25

Black A0 size frame fits posters 841mm x 1188mm (approx 33"x 47")

Black poster display cases

  • Black lockable poster cases
  • Black outdoor notice board with lock
  • Best value black poster cases 

Black poster cases with lock  

Like our regular silver cases with a black powder coated finish. Durable paint process makes these poster display cases suitable for use outdoors, as well as for internal poster displays  ON SALE NOW.

  • Hinged door display case for posters in smart black finish with tough clear polycarbonate glazing.
  • The door is fitted with a lock and supplied with a pair of keys (additional keys are available).
  • Posters are held in place with clear plastic clips around the perimeter of the frame - clips are hidden when the door is closed.
  • The frame size is defined by the size of poster it will fit, from A4 and A3 up to A2 and A1.  See more details.
  • The frame is waterproof enabling outdoor use. The poster display case can be fitted portrait or landscape - in which case the supplied door stays help to hold the door open during poster changes.
  • Poster display case is easily screwed to a wall or a backboard (fixings included).

Description/Code Each 5+ 20+
Black A4 poster case with locking door LPC.A4-B RRP: 49.95 ex. VAT Sale item £33.25
inc. VAT £39.90
£29.93 £27.27
Black A3 poster case with locking door LPC.A3-B RRP: 57.00 ex. VAT Sale item £36.00
inc. VAT £43.20
£32.40 £29.52
Black A2 poster case with locking door LPC.A2-B RRP: 80.00 ex. VAT Sale item £45.00
inc. VAT £54.00
£40.50 £36.90
Black A1 poster case with locking door LPC.A1-B RRP: 99.00 ex. VAT Sale item £65.00
inc. VAT £78.00
£58.50 £53.30
Black 30"x40" poster case with lock LPC.30.40-B RRP: 117.00 ex. VAT Sale item £85.00
inc. VAT £102.00
£76.50 £69.70
Black A0 poster case with locking door LPC.A0-B RRP: 125.00 ex. VAT Sale item £92.00
inc. VAT £110.40
£82.80 £75.44

A6 and A5 Snap frame in Silver or Black

  • Black & Silver A5 A6 snap frames
  • Best quality value A5 sign snap frame 
  • Safety cornered sign frames A5 & A6 

A5 Snap frames and A6 Snap frames in smart silver or classic black.

The safety tipped corners on these A5 and A6 snap frames make them a great choice for use in locations such as schools and residential homes where safety in use is an important consideration.

These A5 and A6 Opti frames are perfect for photos, small notices and as changeable door signs using paper inserts printed on on your office printer. Just flip open the frame surrounds to swap over your message (no need to remove the frame from the wall or door). Poster protector cover-sheet is included. 
The A5 snap frame suits 'picture plus resident's name' bedroom door signs in care homes.

  • Neat snap frames are made from slim 14mm (1/2") wide aluminium and can be mounted landscape or portrait.
  • Choice of brushed silver or black frame finish.
  • Plastic tipped corners are safe in use (no sharp corners found on some snap frames).
  • The A6 snap frame fits inserts size 148x106 mm (approx. 6"x4").
    The A5 snap frame fits inserts size 210x148 mm (approx. 8"x6").
  • Can be screwed to walls or fixed using double-sided adhesive tape. (See price table - 1 roll per 25-50 frames).
  • A6 and A5 frames can also be hung on a picture hook or nail though this is less secure.

Description/Code Each 10+ 25+ 100+
Silver A6 Snap Frame - wall ASO.A6/14 £3.30
inc. VAT £3.96
£2.97 £2.71 £2.48
Silver A5 Opti snap frame - wall ASO.A5/14 £3.80
inc. VAT £4.56
£3.42 £3.12 £2.85
Black A6 Opti Frame - wall ASO.A6/14-B £3.45
inc. VAT £4.14
£3.11 £2.83 £2.59
Black A5 Opti Frame - wall ASO.A5/14-B £3.99
inc. VAT £4.79
£3.59 £3.27 £2.99
Foam adhesive tape 10m roll (x12mm) ADH10/12 £3.99
inc. VAT £4.79
£3.59 £3.27 £2.99

A6 and A5 Opti Frames with Stands

  • Counter top Black & Silver A5 or A6 snap frames
  • Best quality value table top A5 sign snap frame 
  • Safety cornered sign frames A5 & A6 for counters

Counter top A6 and A5 snap frames in Silver or Black finish.  

Dual use for printed notices & signs or as photo frames.

A clip-in strut supports these neat snap frames on any table-top. They are great for desk names, unobtrusive signs on a reception desk or for use in a showroom or at an exhibition.  They look equally good at home displaying photos on the sideboard or coffee table.

  • Snap open all four sides to insert your print behind the supplied clear plastic lens.
  • Use Landscape or portrait - the support strut attaches either way.
  • The rear support leg folds away when not in use.  This dual-use model can be placed on a table or mounted on the wall. 
  • Stocked in silver or black - select your prefered colour below.

Description/Code Each 10+ 25+ 100+
Silver A6 Snap Frame for Counters ASO.A6/14C £3.25
inc. VAT £3.90
£2.93 £2.67 £2.44
Silver A5 Snap Frame for Counters ASO.A5/14C £4.10
inc. VAT £4.92
£3.69 £3.36 £3.08
Black A6 Opti Frame for Counters ASO.A6/14C-B £3.40
inc. VAT £4.08
£3.06 £2.79 £2.55
Black A5 Opti Frame for Counters ASO.A5/14C-B £4.25
inc. VAT £5.10
£3.83 £3.49 £3.19

Special fittings for snap frames

  • Clips to suspend a snap frame 
  • clips to hang a snap frame 
  • Slat wall fitting clips for snap frames 

Special snap frame fittings 

For use when snap frames are to be suspended or mounted onto slatwall panels.

  • Suspension clips are metal fixings which slot under the top profile (at the back of the frame).  These clips allow snap frames to be hung on picture hooks, picture pins, nails or screw heads left protruding out of the wall.  They also enable snap frames to be hung on wire hooks - see our hanging wire kits.  Suspension Clips are sold as a pair (to hang one snap frame).
  • Slatwall fixing clips combine the above clip with a clear plastic fitting which slots into slat walls.  These enable snap frames to be mounted easily onto slat wall panels.  Slatwall Clips are sold as a pair (to mount one snap frame).

Description/Code Each 20+ 100+
Suspension clips for snap frames - pair AS.SUSP/PAIR £0.60
inc. VAT £0.72
£0.50 £0.45
Slatwall clips for snap frames - pair AS.SLAT £1.50
inc. VAT £1.80
£1.35 £1.20
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