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Opti Frames - our most versatile snap frames. Available in A1, A2, A3 and A4.

Great value snap frames (A1, A2, A3, A4) in a range of colours

Snap frames are a simple and easy way to showcase your posters, signs and marketing material, and are easy to secure to a wall, hang from the ceiling or display on a stand. ...

Strong, improved design snap frames at a great low cost

For a guaranteed good quality snap frame, choose from our great range of Opti snap frames. They're available in range of finishes including silver, black and wood for A1, A2, A3 and A4. Sharp corners have been eliminated for safe and convenient use.

The one piece back panel offers several easy ways to mount. The rear moulding also accommodates a folding strut accessory, allowing table-top use (free-standing version only).

  • Safety Tipped Corners: Opti snap frame has mitred corners with plastic tips for safety (as opposed to large rounded corners or else the sharper corners inherent in other snap frames.)
  • Colours: We stock silver, black and wood finish in many sizes. Special colours and branded Opti snap frames can be produced to special order (N.B. minimum order quantities apply). See also Coloured snap frames.

Worldwide design patents apply.   |   For large size snap frames click here: Snap Frames - Larger Sizes

Opti Frames for wall mount

  • Best quality poster snap frames  
  • The UK Best selling A4 A3 A2 A1 snap frame
  • Safety cornered snap frames for schools and hospitals 

Quality poster snap frames in sizes A4, A3, A2 and A1 for wall mounting

Opti Snap frames are safe and economical snap frames. Display your own printed poster signs to clearly communicate your message. Snap open frame mechanism lets you change your message quickly and easily meaning you can refresh your signage within seconds not days. 

The 25mm wide aluminium frame border has a smart silver finish, with no sharp corners. These high quality A1, A2, A3 and A4 snap frames with safety tipped corners are now ON SALE at 25% OFF 

Simply open up the front of the frame and insert your sign behind the clear plastic cover sheet. Posters can be changed easily without removing the frame from the wall or door etc.

Easy to fit

  • SCREW: The rear of the frame is moulded out of durable rigid plastic. Screw holes are provided for concealed wall fixing. (Screws and wall plugs are supplied).
  • STICK: On smooth surfaces such as doors double-sided tape may be used (Order 1 roll/10 A4 frames or 7 A3 frames).
  • HANG: Opti A4 and A3 snap frames can conveniently be wall hung on a picture pin, either portrait or landscape. The pin or nail is hidden behind the frame - no picture cord is required. 
  • A separate free-standing A4 version is available for counter top use with a folding leg.


Description/Code Each 10+ 30+ 100+
A4 Snap Frame - Opti frame (wall) ASO.A4/25 RRP: 5.40 ex. VAT Sale item £4.25
inc. VAT £5.10
£3.70 £3.65 £3.45
A3 Snap Frame - Opti frame (wall) ASO.A3/25 RRP: 7.75 ex. VAT Sale item £5.99
inc. VAT £7.19
£5.35 £5.30 £4.99
A2 Snap Frame - Opti frame (wall) ASO.A2/25 RRP: 12.80 ex. VAT Sale item £9.70
inc. VAT £11.64
£8.75 £8.50 £7.99
A1 Snap Frame - Opti frame (wall) ASO.A1/25 RRP: 18.80 ex. VAT Sale item £14.95
inc. VAT £17.94
£13.50 £13.15 £12.35

Counter top A4 Opti Snap Frames

  • Best quality counter top A4 poster snap frames 
  • The UK Best selling A4 snap frame 
  • A4 picture frame with counter support 

Table-top snap frames with stand in silver or black.

A slot in the back of the frame allows a folding support strut to be located for portrait or landscape display. The frame is conveniently angled for easy reading when stood on a desk or counter. Freestanding A4 snap frames to stand on a table:

  • This free-standing version is a Dual-use Opti Frame: the support leg folds away when wall fixing is preferred.
  • For table-top display or for use on sales counters, reception desks etc., the support strut is folded out and clicked to lock.
  • As with all our snap frames the price includes a clear plastic poster protector sheet with anti-glare properties.

Unique feature!
  This counter display facility is a special feature unique to our Opti snap frames.

Description/Code Each 10+ 25+ 100+
A4 Silver Snap Frames for Counters ASO.A4/25C £5.20
inc. VAT £6.24
£4.70 £4.50 £4.20
Black A4 Snap Frames for Counter top ASO.A4/25C-B £6.80
inc. VAT £8.16
£6.12 £5.58 £5.10

A6 and A5 Snap frame in Silver or Black

  • Black & Silver A5 A6 snap frames
  • Best quality value A5 sign snap frame 
  • Safety cornered sign frames A5 & A6 

A5 Snap frames and A6 Snap frames in smart silver or classic black.

The safety tipped corners on these A5 and A6 snap frames make them a great choice for use in locations such as schools and residential homes where safety in use is an important consideration.

These A5 and A6 Opti frames are perfect for photos, small notices and as changeable door signs using paper inserts printed on on your office printer. Just flip open the frame surrounds to swap over your message (no need to remove the frame from the wall or door). Poster protector cover-sheet is included. 
The A5 snap frame suits 'picture plus resident's name' bedroom door signs in care homes.

  • Neat snap frames are made from slim 14mm (1/2") wide aluminium and can be mounted landscape or portrait.
  • Choice of brushed silver or black frame finish.
  • Plastic tipped corners are safe in use (no sharp corners found on some snap frames).
  • The A6 snap frame fits inserts size 148x106 mm (approx. 6"x4").
    The A5 snap frame fits inserts size 210x148 mm (approx. 8"x6").
  • Can be screwed to walls or fixed using double-sided adhesive tape. (1 roll per 25-50 frames).
  • A6 and A5 frames can also be hung on a picture hook or nail though this is less secure.

Description/Code Each 10+ 25+ 100+
Silver A6 Snap Frame - wall ASO.A6/14 £3.30
inc. VAT £3.96
£2.97 £2.71 £2.48
Silver A5 Opti snap frame - wall ASO.A5/14 £3.80
inc. VAT £4.56
£3.42 £3.12 £2.85
Black A6 Opti Frame - wall ASO.A6/14-B £3.45
inc. VAT £4.14
£3.11 £2.83 £2.59
Black A5 Opti Frame - wall ASO.A5/14-B £3.99
inc. VAT £4.79
£3.59 £3.27 £2.99

A6 and A5 Opti Frames with Stands

  • Counter top Black & Silver A5 or A6 snap frames
  • Best quality value table top A5 sign snap frame 
  • Safety cornered sign frames A5 & A6 for counters

Counter top A6 and A5 snap frames in Silver or Black finish.  

Dual use for printed notices & signs or as photo frames.

A clip-in strut supports these neat snap frames on any table-top. They are great for desk names, unobtrusive signs on a reception desk or for use in a showroom or at an exhibition.  They look equally good at home displaying photos on the sideboard or coffee table.

  • Snap open all four sides to insert your print behind the supplied clear plastic lens.
  • Use Landscape or portrait - the support strut attaches either way.
  • The rear support leg folds away when not in use.  This dual-use model can be placed on a table or mounted on the wall. 
  • Stocked in silver or black - select your prefered colour below.

Description/Code Each 10+ 25+ 100+
Silver A6 Snap Frame for Counters ASO.A6/14C £3.25
inc. VAT £3.90
£2.93 £2.67 £2.44
Silver A5 Snap Frame for Counters ASO.A5/14C £4.10
inc. VAT £4.92
£3.69 £3.36 £3.08
Black A6 Opti Frame for Counters ASO.A6/14C-B £3.40
inc. VAT £4.08
£3.06 £2.79 £2.55
Black A5 Opti Frame for Counters ASO.A5/14C-B £4.25
inc. VAT £5.10
£3.83 £3.49 £3.19

A4 A5 A6 Wood-look snap frames

  • Counter top wood look snap frames
  • Best quality value wood look poster frames  
  • Safety cornered sign frames with wood look finish

Wood effect snap frames for wall mounting or counter tops

A4, A5 and A6 size snap frames are actually metal sign frames which look like they're made of wood but last as long as the metal aluminium versions.  They are available with or without a table-stand attachment (counter strut).

Ideal for your pictures, small printed notices and as changeable door signs using self-printed paper inserts.  Plastic tipped corners which tone in with the realistic wood effect make the frames especially safe in use.  Clear plastic cover-sheet is included.

  • Neat snap frames are made from aluminium with durable and attractive finish wood look coating. 
  • Choice of wall/door mounted or table top versionsFold-away leg of table photo frame means it can also be mounted to a wall or bedroom door etc. either landscape or portrait.  
  • The A6 snap frame fits inserts size 148x106mm (approx. 6"x4").
    The A5 snap frame fits inserts size 210x148mm (approx. 8"x6").

Description/Code Each 10+ 25+ 100+
Wood Effect A4 Opti frame - wall ASO.A4/25-WD £9.50
inc. VAT £11.40
£8.55 £7.79 £7.13
Wood Effect A4 Opti with counter strut ASO.A4/25C-WD £9.50
inc. VAT £11.40
£8.55 £7.79 £7.13
Wood Effect A5 Opti frame - wall ASO.A5/14-WD £6.80
inc. VAT £8.16
£6.12 £5.58 £5.10
Wood Effect A5 Opti with counter strut ASO.A5/14C-WD £6.99
inc. VAT £8.39
£6.29 £5.73 £5.24
Wood Effect A6 Opti frame - wall ASO.A6/14-WD £4.50
inc. VAT £5.40
£4.05 £3.69 £3.38
Wood Effect A6 Opti with counter strut ASO.A6/14C-WD £4.99
inc. VAT £5.99
£4.49 £4.09 £3.74

Double-side adhesive tape

  • Rolls of adhesive tape for fixing frames
  • For sticking snap frames without screws

Permanent fixing of frames to suitable surfaces

Sticking up frames rather than screwing is handy when you don't have a drill available.

Double-sided adhesive tape is supplied in convenient rolls for fixing snap frames and similar items directly to a wall or door without using nails or screws. Use of adhesive foam tape is quick and easy but should be limited to suitable smooth clean surfaces.

Each 10m long roll is 12mm wide (about 1/2 inch wide) and is supplied with a peel off waxed paper liner. The foam core is under 2mm thick with a high-grab adhesive on each side. The function is similar to popular Sticky Fixers. One side of the tape is applied to the back of the frame - either all the way round the perimeter or in strips. The release liner is then removed from the wall-side of the tape and the frame is firmly applied using all-round pressure to achieve a good bond.

Description/Code Each 10+
10m roll double-sided tape 12mm wide ADH12.10 £3.99
inc. VAT £4.79
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