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Plastic poster frames - Slim frames

Slim frames are supplied in many standard colours

Plastic poster frame signs in A5, A4, A3 and A2.  Made from durable ABS plastic, making these poster frames suitable for indoor and outdoor use ...

Plastic Sign holders for use outdoors or indoors

  • Slim frames are made of tough weather-resistant ABS plastic, so they are equally at home displaying prints indoors or outside.
  • Slim frames are particularly popular for outdoor use because they fit laminated signs as well as standard paper. These cheap plastic poster frames are amazingly versatile.
  • Every Slim frame is supplied with a correx backing sheet in the frame. This 3mm thick panel will stiffen up paper or laminated signs. This is particularly valuable for displaying signs outdoors. Without the backing sheet Slim frames will accept an alternative 3mm substrate - for example thick card or foamboard.   

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Plastic Frame accessories

Many different clips and fixings are available for Slim frames depending on the situation. These plastic frames are also available with stands: e.g. as a table top sign stand or floor sign stand.

Poster protectors, clear anti-glare plastic covers, and chalk card inserts which can be written on with chalk pens are sold separately.

A5 Plastic Poster Slim frames

  • A5 Garden Centre price frames
  • 8x6 Bed card holders - Choice of colours
  • A5 Laminated size poster frames

A5 Plastic Sign Holders For Garden Centres

A5 plastic frame with paper insertion slot, complete with backing sheet.  Simply slide your POS card or printed sign into the frame.

  • Low cost, durable outdoors, ideal for interchangeable POS.
  • High quality ABS plastic to last longer outdoors, beware cheap imitations do not last long.
  • Fits standard A5 paper; laminated A5; and garden centre 8x6 in bed cards.  Slim frames are also available in A4 and A3 sizes.
  • Use in garden centres with Grip Strip to make a flexible continuous labelling system.
  • Use the drop-down list to select the frame colour you require.
  • Order fixing clips and clear cover sheets separately according to your requiremets. Use with any Slim frame fixing clip or system. Click here to select compatible fixings (Series 100).


Description/Code Each 20+ 50+ 200+ Colour
A5 Slim plastic frame + backing sheetSL.A5 £1.80
inc. VAT £2.16
£1.62 £1.48 £1.35

A4 Plastic poster sign frames

  • A4 Plastic show card frame for price holders 
  • A4 Price ticket holder
  • A4 laminated Paper size price frame 

A4 Plastic Poster Sign Frames for Garden Centres

A4 plastic frame with poster insertion slot on short side  can be used for display of A4 prints in many situations, including outdoors, by choosing the right fixings.

  • Frame fits standard A4 paper such as prints from the office printer. Frame is over-sized so it also accommodates laminated A4 (encapsulated A4).
  • Comes with a correx backing sheet to stop your POS flying out of the frame.  
  • Clear front cover is not included in the price but can be ordered separately.  If a cover is required order poster protectors (two per frame if double-sided display is intended).  N.B. These frames are not intended for use with glass.
  • Order fixing clips and poster protectors separately according to your requiremets. Use with any Slim frame fixing clip or system. Click here to select compatible fixings (Series 100).
  • High quality ABS Plastic to last longer outdoors, beware cheap imitations do not last.

Description/Code Each 20+ 50+ 200+ Colour
A4 Slim plastic frame + backing sheetSL.A4 £2.70
inc. VAT £3.24
£2.43 £2.21 £2.03

A3 Plastic Poster Sign frames

  • A3 Plastic show card frame for price holders 
  • A3 Plastic poster holder
  • A3 laminated Paper size price frame 

A3 Plastic poster sign holding poster frames

A3 Slim frame made of high quality ABS plastic complete with correx backing sheet. Simply slot in your A3 print in the short side of the frame. By choosing the appropriate fixings these A3 plastic frames can be used anywhere - indoors or outside.

On this website you will find other A3 frames for display of A3 prints and posters: for example A3 Snap Frames in various styles. 

Description/Code Each 20+ 50+ 200+ Colour
A3 Slim plastic frame + backing sheetSL.A3 £3.55
inc. VAT £4.26
£3.20 £2.91 £2.66

Silver Plastic Sign & Poster Holders

  • A5 silver plastic poster frames 
  • A4 silver finish poster frame with backing sheet 
  • A3 silver plastic poster holder 

High quality silver finish plastic sign frames 

The striking Silverline range has a special applied coating to give these premium plastic frames a smart matt silver finish. They look good in a modern store environment when used to provide signage and point-of-sale.

  • Silverline sizes up to A3 fit laminated prints as well as standard paper. 
  • A5, A4 and A3 size frames have square corners.  
  • All sizes are supplied with a 3mm Correx backing sheet.

Order clips separately. Click here to select compatible fixings.

Description/Code Each 20+ 50+
A5 Silverline plastic frame SL.A5-S £4.99
inc. VAT £5.99
£4.49 £4.09
A4 Silverline plastic frame SL.A4-S £7.55
inc. VAT £9.06
£6.80 £6.19
A3 Silverline plastic frame SL.A3-S £10.65
inc. VAT £12.78
£9.59 £8.73

A2 Slim frames - in a range of colours

  • A2 plastic frames for double-sided display
  • Combine with appropriate fittings to fix or hang

Low cost plastic slim frames suitable for A2

These no-frills yet effective A2 plastic poster frames have a poster entry slot in the top edge.

  • A2 Slim frames feature round corners and are a deeper profile than our smaller plastic frames. They fit A2 size paper.
  • Frames are supplied with a 3mm plastic backing sheet. Can be wall fixed using Series 200 fittings such as OEK.235 wall clips to screw-mount these A2 print frames.

Prefer other A2 frames?
While these plastic frames are fine for budget applications you may prefer a better quality A2 frame.
E.G. A2 snap frames offer superior styling at a modest extra cost, with fixings and cover sheet included.

Description/Code Each 10+ 25+ 100+ Colour
A2 Slim frames - in a range of coloursSL.A2 £8.20
inc. VAT £9.84
£7.38 £6.72 £6.15
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