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Spring-loaded POS fasteners, spring sign holders

Trigger clamp is one of our spring-loaded fasteners for POS

Clip on price ticket holders, spring sign holders and wobblers 

Create movement in your POS displays using an upscale wobbler to attract attention.

Durable plastic spring clamp price holders a must for any market trader. Strong jaws clamp on to round poles, cardboard boxes, even whicker baskets. However you merchandise your products the chances are this spring sign holder will attach to the display outer.

Trigger-action clamps for showcard holders offer another way to attach clear plastic POS frames in special retail situations.

Brilliant Clips are for hanging rigid POS material or products from a rail or pole.

Wobblers for point of sale or visual merchandising

Looking for an eye-catching wobbler for point of sale?  This visual merchandising wobbler attracts attention in many retail and office environments.   

The wobbler POP clip comprises a spring-loaded clamp which will attach to many display products or merchandising containers, linked to a card gripper to hold small point of sale signs.  The lower clamp and top clip are joined by a stainless steel wire incorporating a coiled spring at the mid point to create visual appeal and movement. 

  • This display clip can also be used for applications not related to POP (Point of Purchase) displays such as attaching a memo or postcard to the top of a computer monitor. 
  • In order to remain upright the card needs to be small and light - a postcard (6 gm) is about the limit.  The clamp opens up to 1" (2.5cm) and will also work on rails or tubes.
  • A great looking POS fastener for displaying small promotional messages.


Description/Code Each 20+ 100+ 300+
Wobbler POP clip with coiled stem CG.11 £0.82
inc. VAT £0.98
£0.70 £0.62 £0.56

Sign holder, spring clip price card holder

Clip on price ticket holders, low cost sign holders for price cards for greengrocers, market traders and budget conscious retailers.

  • Strong plastic construction - spring clip attaches securely to clothes rails, plastic crates, cardboard boxes, flower buckets etc.
  • Powerful spring loaded trigger clamp with anti slip liner, maximum grip range 40mm.
  • Durable card clip holder, maximum thickness 5mm.
  • Swivel sign holder for easy positioning of price card.
  • 3 colour options Green, Black and White.

Ideal sign holder for use on market stalls, green grocers, florists, convenience stores, pop up shops. These low cost price ticket holders work really well with our range of chalk cards and liquid chalk pens.

Description/Code Each 20+ 100+
Clip-on card gripper - green TC/CG-G £1.10
inc. VAT £1.32
£0.88 £0.72
Clamp on card gripper - black TC/CG-B £1.10
inc. VAT £1.32
£0.88 £0.72
Clip on card gripper - white TC/CG-W £1.10
inc. VAT £1.32
£0.88 £0.72

Clip on price ticket holder, clear

Premium quality clear plastic clip on price card holder - where the practicality of the market trader meets the sophistication of the modern retailer.

  • Strong clear plastic construction, attaches to clothing rails, wooden crates, wicker baskets etc.
  • Powerful sprung loaded clamping jaws with non slip insert.
  • 5mm maximum card thickness.
  • 40mm max clamp either round, oval or flat surfaces.

Ideal for use with fashion retail, these clip on holders work really well with our range of re-useable chalk cards and liquid chalk pens also available to buy online.

Description/Code Each 20+ 100+
Clear Clip on card gripper - Premium TC/CG-C £1.75
inc. VAT £2.10
£1.45 £1.33

Showcard frame with trigger clamp

The versatile trigger clamp permits rapid attachment of this showcard frame onto clothes rails, crates, shop fixtures, office partitions etc.  The trigger action and spring loaded clamp grip securely, holding the A4 POS holder at the correct angle.

  • Strong transparenet A4 frame, held in a clear T-piece, has a showcard insertion slot at the top (or side when used landcsape). Can be used double-sided.
  • Jaws of the clamp are lined with non slip plastic to prevent unwanted slippage.  The jaws will not mark the rail or box etc. onto which it is fitted.
  • When using paper inserts we recommend ordering the optional clear plastic U-pocket.

Description/Code Each 25+ 100+ 250+
Clear A4 frame with trigger clamp RF.A4.TC-C £2.99
inc. VAT £3.59
£2.69 £2.45 £2.24

Versatile and robust hanging clip

Brilliant clips are made from strong clear plastic.  The powerful jaws act like a clothes peg and will grip rigid POS materials such as correx, foam centred boards or thick card.  These hanging clips are versatile for securing fabric swatches, hanging display boards etc.

The loop part can be hooked over a pole or rail.  In garden centre open sided covered areas these sturdy fittings are used to hang Correx boards.  The boards can pivot in the breeze and self-right by gravity.

Brilliant clips have also been used successfully for merchanding cushions - i.e. displaying them on a rail.

Description/Code Each 100+ 300+
Brilliant Clip - clear FBC £0.60
inc. VAT £0.72
£0.49 £0.45
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