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Cover sheets, chalk cards, laminating pouches | Useful poster frame inserts

Poster cover sheets and blackboard inserts

A selection of poster frame inserts including snap frame poster protectors (also known as replacement acetates), rolls of double-sided adhesive tape, chalk cards, laminating pouches and Correx sheets. ...

Plastic poster protectors for snap frames

  • Poster Protectors and Cover Sheets are available in two grades: standard thickness covers for snap frames and lightweight poster protector sheets for slot-in frames.
  • Chalk Cards are used to convert poster frames into blackboards for writing on with chalk pens.  Versatile write-on inserts for poster frames to convert them to slate boards.
  • Laminating Pouches are for encapsulating paper prints to make them water-proof.  They are an ideal complement to laminated size poster frames.
  • Correx Sheets are supplied with some of our top-loading frames as a stiffener; these Correx sheets are for use as replacement backing sheets.
  • Double adhesive tape for fixing snap frames without screws.

Snap frame replacement plastic covers

Replacement covers for snap frames 

Replacement covers for snap frames are also known as poster cover sheets. These high quality plastic sheets are suitable for most types of snap frames as replacement covers. They are suitable for regular snap frame pavement signs which do not have a waterproof gasket (most A-boards and budget waterbase signs). 

Important Note:
Snap frame replacment covers are supplied pre-cut to specific sizes. Please check dimensions carefully before ordering. See paper size guide.
Waterproof snap frames and snap frames for higher quality water-base pavement signs with a rubber gasket within the frame require special over-size faces (Click here).
Lightweight poster protectors are available for plastic Slim Frames only.

  • 500 micron anti-glare cover sheets for snap frames.
  • Made from outdoor grade PET (similar to PVC but better quality).

Description/Code Each 10+ 25+ 100+
A4 Snapframe replacement cover 210x297mm C.P.A4/S £0.44
inc. VAT £0.53
£0.40 £0.36 £0.33
A3 Snapframe replacement cover 297x420mm C.P.A3/S £0.80
inc. VAT £0.96
£0.72 £0.66 £0.60
A2 Snapframe replacement cover 420x594mm C.P.A2/S £1.65
inc. VAT £1.98
£1.49 £1.35 £1.24
A1 Snapframe replacement cover 594x841mm C.P.A1/S £3.60
inc. VAT £4.32
£3.24 £2.95 £2.70
A0 Snap frame spare cover 841x1188mm C.P.A0/S £8.85
inc. VAT £10.62
£7.97 £7.26 £6.64
20"x30" Snap frame spare cover 508x762mm C.P.20.30/S £2.99
inc. VAT £3.59
£2.69 £2.45 £2.24
30x40" Snap frame cover 762x1016mm C.P.30.40/S £7.50
inc. VAT £9.00
£6.75 £6.15 £5.63
40"x60" Snap frame cover 1016x1524mm C.P.40.60/S £14.95
inc. VAT £17.94
£13.46 £12.26 £11.21
27"x41" Snap frame replacement cover C.P.27.41/S £9.50
inc. VAT £11.40
£8.55 £7.79 £7.13

Oversize covers for waterproof snap frames

Replacement covers for waterproof snapframes 

When waterproof snap frames require replacement covers it is important to select the correct size. 

  • If you see a black rubber strip all round the inside of the snap frame you will need one of these oversize poster protectors.

These PET covers are larger than than corresponding regular snap frame covers and will fit our waterproof snap frames and waterbase pavement signs as specified below. An oversize snap frame cover is required to span the rubber gasket which surrounds the poster aperture in a waterproof snap frame in order to achieve a good seal.

When purchasing to fit other manufacturers' snap frames please check measurements carefully as we cannot advise on compatibility with other makes, nor is it economical to accept returns for wrongly ordered poster covers.  Please refer to the exact dimensions of the covers in mm stated below.

Description/Code Each 10+ 25+ 100+
Cover for A4 Waterproof frame 243x330mm C.P.A4/WS £0.75
inc. VAT £0.90
£0.68 £0.62 £0.56
Suits 25mm profile A4 waterproof snap frames
Cover for A3 Waterproof frame 330x453mm C.P.A3/WS £1.50
inc. VAT £1.80
£1.35 £1.23 £1.13
Suits 25mm profile A3 waterproof snap frames
Cover for A2 Waterproof frame 464x638mm C.P.A2/WS £2.50
inc. VAT £3.00
£2.25 £2.05 £1.88

Suits 35mm profile A2 waterproof and lockable waterproof snap frames.

Cover for A1 Waterproof frame 638x885mm C.P.A1/WS £4.99
inc. VAT £5.99
£4.49 £4.09 £3.74

Suits 35mm profile A1 waterproof and lockable waterproof snap frames.

Cover for A0 Waterproof frame 885x1233mm C.P.A0/WS £9.99
inc. VAT £11.99
£8.99 £8.19 £7.49

Suits 35mm profile A0 waterproof and lockable snap frames.

Cover for 30x40 Waterproof 806x1060mm C.P.30.40/WS £8.50
inc. VAT £10.20
£7.65 £6.97 £6.38

Suits 35mm profile 30"x40" waterproof snap frames

Cover for 40x60 Waterproof 1060x1568 C.P.40.60W/S £15.75
inc. VAT £18.90
£14.18 £12.92 £11.81

Suits 35mm profile 40"x60" lockable waterproof snap frames

Cover for A1 waterbase models 620x870mm C.P.A1.WIND £4.95
inc. VAT £5.94
£4.46 £4.06 £3.71
Suits A1 WindPro and A1 WindCheater waterbase pavement signs
Cover for A0 waterbase models 870x1218mm C.P.A0.WIND £9.99
inc. VAT £11.99
£8.99 £8.19 £7.49
Suits A0 WindPro and A0 WindCheater waterbase pavement signs
Cover for 30x40waterbase models 791x1045 C.P.30.40.WIND £8.50
inc. VAT £10.20
£7.65 £6.97 £6.38
Suits 30"x40" WindPro and WindCheater waterbase pavement signs

Chalk card inserts

Plastic Chalk card inserts

These are low cost plastic write-on inserts which can be used with snap frames or slot-in style poster frames.  They are suitable for writing on with liquid chalk pens such as Posterman (outdoors) or Illumigraph (indoors).  They can be re-used a number of times - see details.

  • Flexible 400 micron PVC material intended for use within a poster frame.  (Smallest sizes can be used without a frame - for example with a card holder or card gripper).
  • Sold in pack quantities as stated in the pricing grid.  Price is per pack.
  • Surface resembles a blackboard and when written on with chalk pens writing can be erased.
  • Do not use behind a plastic cover sheet (especially in sunlight).

Description/Code Each 10+ 25+ 100+
A7 Chalk Cards (Pk of 20) CC.A7 £2.50
inc. VAT £3.00
£2.25 £2.05 £1.88
1/4A4 Chalk Cards (Pk of 20) CC.QA4 £3.99
inc. VAT £4.79
£3.59 £3.27 £2.99
A5 Chalk Cards (Pk of 20) CC.A5 £6.25
inc. VAT £7.50
£5.63 £5.13 £4.69
A4 Chalk Cards (Pk of 10) CC.A4 £6.95
inc. VAT £8.34
£6.26 £5.70 £5.21
A3 Chalk Cards (Pk of 10) CC.A3 £12.50
inc. VAT £15.00
£11.25 £10.25 £9.38
A2 Chalk Cards (Pk of 2) CC.A2 £10.50
inc. VAT £12.60
£9.45 £8.61 £7.88
A1 Chalk Cards (Pk of 2) CC.A1 £16.95
inc. VAT £20.34
£15.26 £13.90 £12.71
20x30 Chalk Cards (Pk of 2) CC.20.30 £13.99
inc. VAT £16.79
£12.59 £11.47 £10.49

Laminating pouches

Quality economical laminating pouches - bulk packs 100

Retail quality cyrstal clear 200 & 250 micron thick laminating pouches for outdoor use or indoors.  To be used with any heated roller or hot plate type laminator (any common type of office laminator rated for 250 micron pouches will do).

  • Laminating pouches are sold in pack quanities of 100 (except for A2 size sold in 50s).
  • Boss premium brand, far superior to the cheap indoor only found in stationers.
  • Use with standard size paper - the pouch creates a 3mm sealed border all around the perimeter of the printed page.
  • Display the laminated print in the appropriate size Slim Frames (plastic top entry frames) or Laminated size snap frames

Description/Code Each 10+
A5 Laminating pouches 250mic (Pk of 100) LAM.A5 RRP: 11.55 ex. VAT Sale item £9.75
inc. VAT £11.70
A4 Laminating pouches 200mic (Pk of 100) LAM.A4-200M RRP: 15.50 ex. VAT Sale item £13.30
inc. VAT £15.96
A3 Laminating pouches 200mic (Pk of 100) LAM.A3-200M RRP: 29.99 ex. VAT Sale item £25.60
inc. VAT £30.72

Correx backing sheets

Replacement backing sheets for slim frames 

These fluted plastic Correx sheets are intended for our slot-in poster frames and are only stocked in sizes A5, A3 and A3 at 3 mm thick and sold in packs of 10.

A4 correx sheets are occasionally purchased as envelope stiffeners, but we do not warrant them for this application.  Regrettably we do not supply larger or heavier gauge correx sheets.

Plastic Slim frames and Woodline frames are supplied with Correx backing sheets.  You only need purchase these as spares or replacements if required.  The 3mm thick Correx or Corrieboard is quite light duty as it is only recommended as a stiffener inside a top entry frame.

  • 3mm backing boards made of twin-wall polypropylene structured sheet - commonly known as Correx.
  • Sold in packs of 10 sheets as a replacement insert for slot-in poster frames.

Description/Code Each 10+ 25+
A5 Correx 3mm thick - white (Pk 10) CO.A5 £4.25
inc. VAT £5.10
£3.83 £3.49
A4 Correx 3mm thick - white (Pk 10) CO.A4 £6.50
inc. VAT £7.80
£5.85 £5.33
A3 Correx 3mm thick - white (Pk 10) CO.A3 £11.00
inc. VAT £13.20
£9.90 £9.02

Poster protectors (light gauge)

Light gauge poster protectors to keep your prints safe and clean

Plastic poster protectors for slim frames

Cover sheets to protect your print or sign from finger marks and dust, also know as acetate sheets.

  • Light-weight poster cover sheet for use with slot-in frames such as top-loading plastic frames (not the correct grade for snap frames - see snap frame covers).
  • Poster protectors are made from clear anti-glare plastic - PVC similar to acetate sheets. Use these cover sheets for protecting posters from finger marks etc.
  • Note: using a poster protector will not make the sign waterproof (for this you'll need to laminate your print).

Description/Code Each 100+ 300+
A5 Poster Protector 300 mic. C.P.A5 £0.20
inc. VAT £0.24
£0.16 £0.15
A4 Poster Protector 300 mic. C.P.A4 £0.44
inc. VAT £0.53
£0.33 £0.30
A3 Poster Protector 300 mic. C.P.A3 £0.75
inc. VAT £0.90
£0.62 £0.56

Double-side adhesive tape

  • Rolls of adhesive tape for fixing frames
  • For sticking snap frames without screws

Permanent fixing of frames to suitable surfaces

Sticking up frames rather than screwing is handy when you don't have a drill available.

Double-sided adhesive tape is supplied in convenient rolls for fixing snap frames and similar items directly to a wall or door without using nails or screws. Use of adhesive foam tape is quick and easy but should be limited to suitable smooth clean surfaces.

Each 10m long roll is 12mm wide (about 1/2 inch wide) and is supplied with a peel off waxed paper liner. The foam core is under 2mm thick with a high-grab adhesive on each side. The function is similar to popular Sticky Fixers. One side of the tape is applied to the back of the frame - either all the way round the perimeter or in strips. The release liner is then removed from the wall-side of the tape and the frame is firmly applied using all-round pressure to achieve a good bond.

Description/Code Each 10+
10m roll double-sided tape 12mm wide ADH12.10 £3.99
inc. VAT £4.79

Lever tool to open security snap frames

  • Plastic lever tool for secure snap frame

Special lever tool for snap frames

Secure snap frames do not have a finger groove to open the frame, making the contents more secure.

This lever tool is needed to allow secure snap frames to be opened easily so the contents can be updated i.e. by inserting a new poster or notice.

How many lever tools should you order?

Customers ordering a quantity of secure snap frames do not generally require multiple lever tools. Normally one is required for each person authorised to update the contents - with a few spare lever tools in case any get lost. 

The secure type of snap frame which requires this special opening tool can also be referred to as a security snap frame - as it offers an enhanced level of security compared to a normal snap frame.

Description/Code Each 10+ 100+
Lever tool for secure snap frames AS.LEV £1.10
inc. VAT £1.32
£0.99 £0.90
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