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Poster display cases - fitted with locks

Poster Case with hinged lockable door

Lockable poster cases offer secure display of posters.

The lockable poster display case is used for indoor and outdoor display of posters. This type of postercase, also known as a lockable showboard, has a hinged door glazed with vandal resisting polycarbonate.

The aluminium poster frame is designed to display a single printed poster or flyer. Note: If you wish to present several notices or individual pieces of paper instead of a single poster we recommend you consider a lockable notice board instead.

The lockable poster case is suitable for use outdoors as it is waterproof. Fixing holes are positioned to prevent rain spoiling the poster signs or billboard. Lower cost alternatives are our locking snapframe or lockable waterproof snap frame (scroll down). However it's easier to change posters with the hinged door Lockable poster case.

Lockable poster cases silver

Great Value Lockable Poster Cases are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.   
ALL SIZES of locking poster display case are NOW ON SALE.

  • These attractive lockable poster cases are intended for use indoors OR outside to display posters.
  • They are waterproof and the aluminium frame will not rust.
  • The frame is anodised aluminium with 30mm depth (front to back).
  • The hinged door is glazed with a shatter-resistant rigid polycarbonate with good outdoor weathering characteristics.  The back panel is white twinwall rigid plastic.
  • This metal poster display case is fitted with a lock* and supplied with 2 keys.
  • The frame width is 45mm (viewed from the front).

* Larger cases (A1 poster case and above) are supplied with 2 locks for extra security. 
All locking poster cases can be mounted portrait or landscape. 
Each poster case is supplied with wall plugs and screws.

Description/Code Each 5+ 20+ 50+
A4 Poster case, lockable, outdoor LPC.A4 RRP: 35.00 ex. VAT Sale item £29.25
inc. VAT £35.10
£26.33 £23.99 £21.94
A3 Poster case, lockable, outdoor LPC.A3 RRP: 45.00 ex. VAT Sale item £33.00
inc. VAT £39.60
£29.70 £27.06 £25.50
A2 Postercase, lockable, outdoor LPC.A2 RRP: 59.00 ex. VAT Sale item £41.00
inc. VAT £49.20
£36.90 £33.62 £30.75
Lockable postercase for 20"x30" LPC.20.30 RRP: 71.90 ex. VAT Sale item £52.00
inc. VAT £62.40
£46.80 £42.64 £39.00
A1 Locking poster display case, outdoor LPC.A1 RRP: 75.00 ex. VAT Sale item £56.00
inc. VAT £67.20
£50.40 £45.92 £42.00
Lockable postercase for 30"x40" LPC.30.40 RRP: 117.00 ex. VAT Sale item £75.00
inc. VAT £90.00
£67.50 £61.50 £56.25
A0 Lockable Poster case, outdoor LPC.A0 RRP: 125.00 ex. VAT Sale item £80.00
inc. VAT £96.00
£72.00 £65.60 £60.00

Black poster display cases

Black poster cases are like our regular silver cases with a black powder coated finish. Durable paint process makes these poster display cases suitable for use outdoors, as well as for internal poster displays  ON SALE NOW.

  • Hinged door display case for posters in smart black finish with tough clear polycarbonate glazing.
  • The door is fitted with a lock and supplied with a pair of keys (additional keys are available).
  • Posters are held in place with clear plastic clips around the perimeter of the frame - clips are hidden when the door is closed.
  • The frame size is defined by the size of poster it will fit, from A4 and A3 up to A2 and A1.  See more details.
  • The frame is waterproof enabling outdoor use. The poster display case can be fitted portrait or landscape - in which case the supplied door stays help to hold the door open during poster changes.
  • Poster display case is easily screwed to a wall or a backboard (fixings included).

Description/Code Each 5+ 20+
Black A4 poster case with locking door LPC.A4-B RRP: 49.95 ex. VAT Sale item £33.25
inc. VAT £39.90
£29.93 £27.27
Black A3 poster case with locking door LPC.A3-B RRP: 57.00 ex. VAT Sale item £36.00
inc. VAT £43.20
£32.40 £29.52
Black A2 poster case with locking door LPC.A2-B RRP: 80.00 ex. VAT Sale item £45.00
inc. VAT £54.00
£40.50 £36.90
Black A1 poster case with locking door LPC.A1-B RRP: 99.00 ex. VAT Sale item £65.00
inc. VAT £78.00
£58.50 £53.30
Black 30"x40" poster case with lock LPC.30.40-B RRP: 117.00 ex. VAT Sale item £85.00
inc. VAT £102.00
£76.50 £69.70
Black A0 poster case with locking door LPC.A0-B RRP: 125.00 ex. VAT Sale item £92.00
inc. VAT £110.40
£82.80 £75.44

Lockable snap frames with allen key lock

Great value locking snap frames - our lockable snap frames secured from unwanted attention by a hexagonal key lock are now ON SALE ! 

  • These lockable snap frames intended for the secuity conscious are useful for locations prone to tampering.  With an A4 lockable snap frame your poster is secure from interference or casual theft but easily accessible to you.
  • They lock by means of an allen screw in one side of the poster frame. The other three sides are inter-locked in such a way that they cannot be opened until the first side has been opened.
  • One allen key (hexagonal wrench) is supplied per frame, together with hidden wall fixings PLUS a clear plastic face to protect your advertisement or printed notice.

Description/Code Each 10+ 25+
A4 Lockable snap frame, 32mm profile AS.A4/32K RRP: 10.95 ex. VAT Sale item £8.50
inc. VAT £10.20
£7.65 £6.97
A3 Lockable snap frame, 32mm profile AS.A3/32K RRP: 15.50 ex. VAT Sale item £11.95
inc. VAT £14.34
£10.76 £9.80
A2 Lockable snap frame, 32mm profile AS.A2/32K RRP: 19.95 ex. VAT Sale item £14.40
inc. VAT £17.28
£12.96 £11.81
A1 Lockable snap frame, 32mm profile AS.A1/32K RRP: 29.00 ex. VAT Sale item £25.00
inc. VAT £30.00
£22.50 £20.50

Waterproof lockable snap frames

If you need to display prints and posters in a tamper-proof poster frame, with the additional protection of an integral seal, our lockable water-resistant snap frames could be the answer.  These frames can also be used to display thicker substrates such as card (up to 3mm).  So the design can be a good choice even if you don't intend to use the frame outdoors.

  • The frame hinges open to reveal a foam rubber gasket seal all the way round the interior. So not only is your sign or poster safe from interfering fingers, it is also protected from the elements.
  • The 'lock' is achieved by a screw which can only be undone with an allen key. Each side interlocks with the next - so once the first side is opened, the other three sides can also be accessed. Then the frame contents can be changed with relative ease.
  • By popular demand the range has been extended to include larger size outdoor snap frames: A0 size (841 x 1188mm), 30x40 inch (Quad size) and 40x60 inch a (4 Sheet poster frame).

Description/Code Each 10+ 30+
A4 waterproof lockable snap frame AS.A4/35WK £15.50
inc. VAT £18.60
£13.95 £12.71
A3 waterproof lockable snap frame AS.A3/35WK £18.80
inc. VAT £22.56
£16.92 £15.42
A2 waterproof lockable snap frame AS.A2/35WK £24.35
inc. VAT £29.22
£21.92 £19.97
A1 waterproof lockable snap frame AS.A1/35WK £32.00
inc. VAT £38.40
£28.80 £26.24
A0 waterproof lockable snap frame AS.A0/35WK £51.00
inc. VAT £61.20
£45.90 £41.82
30x40 waterproof Quad poster frame AS.30.40/35WK £42.00
inc. VAT £50.40
£37.80 £34.44

30"x40" size is also called a Quad frame (762 x 1016 mm poster size)

40x60 waterproof 4-sheet poster frame AS.40.60/35WK £69.00
inc. VAT £82.80
£62.10 £56.58

40"x60" size is also called 4 Sheet or Double Quad (1016 x 1524mm poster size)

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