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Pavement signs and A boards

Snap frame A boards make excellent pavement signs

Pavement signs and A boards for promoting your business

Pavement signs offer a great way to promote your business. 
The A board pavement sign falls into two main categories - those with permanent fixed messages and the A frame sign holder designed to display posters i.e. a pavement sign featuring a changeable message. We supply several types of A boards with integral poster frames.  
A boards for sale: these can be ordered on this website at very competitive prices with fast delivery.

Sandwich board signs and chalkboard A-boards

Sandwich board signs are simply an alternative way to describe A frame signs which can be folded for storage. The fold-way feature is valuable when pavement signs cannot be left out on the street when the business is closed.  Our aluminium snap frame A boards are hinged at the top to make it easy for them to be brought in at night, so they may be classed as folding sandwich board signs.

The most common A Boards seen on High Streets and in shopping centres have snap frames on both sides so any advertisement or poster can be displayed professionally to promote the shop or business to passers by from both directions.

The chalkboard A-board is popular with pubs, bars and for customers who favour the immediacy of hand-writing a topical message on a blackboard. We supply wooden A-boards which can be positioned either indoors or outside as an A frame blackboard.

Pavement boards - free standing indoor or outdoor A frame signs

When used outdoors wind and rain have to be considered when choosing pavement aboards and free standing sign boards. In particular strong wind is an important factor to consider. Portable pavement boards and A frame signs answer this problem by virtue of the fact they can be folded up and carried indoors if winds are too gusty. Obviously it is not desirable to have to bring signs in too frequently, so our aluminium snap frame pavement signs are manufactured with galvanised steel back panels specifically to provide some extra weight - and hence stability in reasonable wind. However they remain quite portable.

Water filled base pavement sign

Pavement signs and especially forecourt signs have used concrete bases for many years. However the water filled base pavement sign has many advantages. Waterbase pavement signs are cheap to deliver because they are despatched empty and therefore light and convenient to ship. But once you fill the base of the sign with water it becomes very heavy and therefore stable in strong winds. The design of the water fill pavement sign is further refined with the addition of springs to deflect the wind and wheels so that the sign can be moved by tipping up and rolling along.

Water base pavement signs

Our range of water base pavement signs is represented by Budget Waterbase, WindPro and WindCheater models.  Within the very popular Windpro range we have introduced A0 size waterbase pavement signs in addition to the A1 pavement sign.  We have also introduced WindPro models in black as this is a very on trend look.

A-board SIZES

Choosing the right size pavement sign or A-board is important.
When considering A board sizes we recommend you take a look at what other businesses in your area use and think about the space available on the pavement, forecourt or car park. Please do not 'guess' the size as these products are bulky to ship and mistakes can be costly to rectify.
Indoors A board size is also a factor to consider to get the right balance between visual impact whilst avoiding obstruction.
In general the following guidance applies:

A2 A boards are compact, unobtrusive, will fit in the average car and are easy for ladies to handle. Indoors they do not look over-bearing so they are popular for use at exhibitions, in cafes or within a store entrance foyer.

A1 Pavement signs are the most popular size on the average High Street or in shopping malls. A1 size posters can be obtained easily from printers and copy shops. A1 A boards are available as the folding type of sandwich board - i.e. as an A-frame design - or with an upright standing double-sided frame, supported on a heavy base - which is usually filled up with water to act as ballast.

A0 Pavement boards are large and can obstruct pavements so they are often more suitable for larger premises such as out of town stores or supermarkets with a large forecourt. Even when fitted with wheels the water-fill versions are heavy to move and it would be unusual to bring in an A0 pavement sign at night.
30 x 40 inch pavement signs have similar restrictions to A0 size.
40 x 60 inch sign boards are even larger and definitely not for the high street - but fine for the average garage forecourt where you want to communicate with moving traffic rather than with pedestrians walking down the sidewalk or pavement.


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