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Poster Clamps - banner hanging bars

Heavy duty poster hanging clamp system

For heavy duty poster and banner hanging applications Poster Clamps offer a strong grip onto most banner materials such as flexible vinyl and fabrics (up to 500 micron thickness).

  • Poster Clamp banner hanging bars are sold as a pair - the top bar supports securely and the bottom bar tensions the banner.
  • Standard sizes stocked to suit popular widths of large format media. For larger sizes we supply Poster Clamp Joiners (View more details).  Also available in bespoke widths up to 3m - please call!
  • Poster Clamps operate by clamp action. The 2-part extrusion is opened from the top edge allowing the banner to be inserted into the jaws of the clamp.
  • The plastic end caps can be conveniently rotated to give a site-line inside the clamp to check correct alignment of the image before clamping shut.  The suspension eyes can be slid to the desired position.
  • Poster Clamps can be suspended on wires or wall hung by positioning the eyes to coincide with screw heads.

Description/Code Each 20+ 50+
Poster Clamp 420mm (A2 portrait) PC.42 RRP: 7.50 ex. VAT Sale item £6.35
inc. VAT £7.62
£5.72 £5.21
Poster Clamp 610mm (A1 portrait) PC.60 £10.25
inc. VAT £12.30
£9.23 £8.41
Poster Clamp 841mm (A0 portrait) PC.85 £12.99
inc. VAT £15.59
£11.69 £10.65
Poster Clamp 1.0m (39" wide) PC.1M £14.95
inc. VAT £17.94
£13.46 £12.26
Poster Clamp 1070mm (42" wide) PC.100 RRP: 14.95 ex. VAT Sale item £11.95
inc. VAT £14.34
£10.76 £9.80
Poster Clamp 1200mm wide PC.120 £17.25
inc. VAT £20.70
£15.53 £14.15
Poster Clamp 1400mm wide PC.140 £17.75
inc. VAT £21.30
£15.98 £14.56
Poster Clamp 1500mm wide PC.150 £18.25
inc. VAT £21.90
£16.43 £14.97
Pair of Joiners for Poster Clamps PC.JOINER-PR £3.99
inc. VAT £4.79
£3.59 £3.27

Width of Poster Clamp Extrusion : 30mm

Suitable Applications

Domestic or Office Situations

Poster Clamps can be used for displaying large or heavy posters on a wall in a domestic environment or in an office, school etc.  They are completely reusable.  For example they can be used for hanging large posters or maps - always choose the model to suit the width of the paper as the drop dimension is immaterial.  The heavy bottom clamp rail will help straighten curled or rolled up charts and banners.

You will just have to consider how you're going to attach the Poster Clamp to the wall - you can use various types of picture hooks, pins or hang on a screw head. The slide-along hanging eyes on the top rail of the Poster Clamp can then be hooked onto the chosen fixing - and removed again or the poster exchanged as required. 

Commercial or Retail Applications

In commercial situations Poster Clamps are generally hung from the ceiling using screw-in, clip-on or heavy-duty self-adhesive ceiling attachment fittings combined with fixed length or extending double-ended hooks or wires.

Poster Clamps offer a tenacious grip on many hard-to-grip banner materials. They are also suitable for tough hanging applications, for example long banners (several metres of drop).

A particular advantage of the Poster Clamp is that it is easy to position the banner precisely before clamping. With snap action versions the banner may tend to 'jump' out of position as the bars are closed. This is avoided with Poster Clamps.

Poster Clamps are not really suitable for substrates thicker than about 0.5mm (500 micron). It will be hard to close and re-open the poster clamping bar.  Typical banner substrates are 200 micron to 350 micron thick and Poster Clamps are suitable for hanging drop banners of this type.

Poster Clamp Joiners

Poster clamp joiner
Joiners are supplied as a pair allowing two sets of Poster Clamps to be joined together.

First remove the relevant black end caps.  Then insert the joiner midway into both profiles. A small thumbwheel is tightened from the back of the profile to achieve a firm butt joint. Each individual section should be properly suspended so as to avoid undue strain on the joiner, although they are strong.

Using Joiners offers further advantages. There is less chance of damage in transit to very long profiles and over-length carriage charges can be avoided. Clamping the graphic is easier to achieve in sections. When the clamp profiles are closed the join is hardly visible from the front.

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