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Brochure holders - table-top leaflet holders

Table-top brochure holder made of acrylic

Acrylic brochure holders are ideal for table top and counter top situations. Choose from either individual leaflet holders or, for more space, select one of our stacked models to create a multi-tiered dispenser. ...

Brochure holders - free standing counter top leaflet dispensers for tables

Acrylic is a type of plastic with crystal clear appearance - Perspex is a brand name of acrylic.  Many brochure holder models are made of HIPS which stands for high impact polystyrene which has similar excellent properties.  These materials are used to make injection moulded tabletop brochure holders - both the single brochure holder and freestanding multi-brochure models. 

Click here for WALL-MOUNT Leaflet Holders

A4 leaflet holders, A4 brochure holders

  • A4 portrait leaflet holders, single pocket freestanding 
  • A4 Landscape brochure holders, single pocket see through 

A4 leaflet and Brochure holders - countertop, tabletop and freestanding

Individual free standing A4 leaflet holder for table-top or counter use. Acrylic leaflet holders are best sellers.

  • Tough high quality plastic leaflet holder for A4 brochure display.
  • A4 Counter-top leaflet dispenser which is tough for use on trade counters, reception desks, exhibition stands etc.
  • A4 Landscape leaflet holders are now available!

A4 plastic brochure holders are sold individually or in boxes at wholesale prices. Full box quantity of A4 Counter-top plastic leaflet holders is 20 pieces.  For larger orders please order in multiples of 20 if posible, but we do supply any quantity you require.

Need to add a business card holder which clips onto the front of this A4 table brochure holder?
See Clip-on business card holder
These are also useful for promotional coupons etc.

Description/Code Each 10+ 40+ 200+
A4 leaflet holder, free standing LDC.A4 £2.83
inc. VAT £3.40
£2.43 £2.33 £2.25
A4 Landscape Counter leaflet holder LD.A4T/CL £6.25
inc. VAT £7.50
£5.63 £5.13 £4.69

A5 brochure holder for table-top

  • A5 clear plastic leaflet dispenser, portrait high capacity
  • A5 flyer dispenser for table or countertop use  

A5 Acrylic leaflet holder - countertop A5 leaflet dispensers 

Table-top A5 acrylic brochure holder for A5 size leaflets and mini catalogues.  These individual A5 leaflet holders are designed to be free-standing on a desk or counter.

  • Resistant to breakage moulded from tough plastic compound with the look of acrylic. 
  • Displays A5 brochures on tables, reception desks and sales counters.  Equally popular in sports centres and doctors surgeries or anywhere A5 leaflet holders are required.

Order individually or for lower unit cost order by the box. Full box quantity is 40 pieces.  For larger orders please order in multiples of 40 if convenient, but we do supply any quantity you require.

Need to add a business card holder which clips onto the front of this A5 brochure holder?
See Clip-on business card holder
These add-ons are also useful for dispensing coupons etc.


Description/Code Each 10+ 40+ 200+
A5 leaflet holder for counter top LDC.A5 £1.80
inc. VAT £2.16
£1.60 £1.50 £1.40

DL leaflet holder (1/3rdA4 size)

  • 1/3rdA4 - DL leaflet holders and dispensers, single high capacity pocket 
  • Dl leaflet display dispensers also trifold attractions leaflets 

DL- 1/3rdA4  leaflet display holders countertop dispensers 

Display your DL leaflets or 1/3rdA4 size flyers in this freestanding table-top DL leaflet holder.  These small size leaflets and flyers are used extensively for example advertising tourist attractions

  • Durable clear plastic DL leaflet holders with the look of Perspex.
  • This leaflet dispenser suits 1/3rdA4 paper (A4 folded into three) also known as tri-fold leaflets. Fits leaflet size 210mm high x 99mm wide (approx 8"x4").
  • Popular for tourist brochures, advertising attractions, information leaflets.
  • If you want full A4 size this is not the right product.  Click here for A4 brochure holders.

Full box quantity is 50 pieces but we are able to supply split boxes, even singles of counter-top DL size leaflet dispensers.

Description/Code Each 10+ 50+ 200+
DL (1/3rdA4) Table-top leaflet dispenser LDC.1/3A4 £1.35
inc. VAT £1.62
£1.20 £1.10 £0.99

A4 leaflet holder with business card holder

  • A4 leaflet holding dispenser with integral business card holder 

A4 leaflet holder with business card dispenser 

A4 leaflet holder with business card holder for retail counter-top or table top use.

  • Tough high quality clear plastic for A4 brochure display.
  • Integral landscape business card holder.
  • Tough enough for any trade counter display but pretty enough for a hotel reception.


Description/Code Each 12+ 96+
A4 Literature Holder with Business card LDC.A4/BC £4.99
inc. VAT £5.99
£4.49 £4.09

1/3 A4 literature dispenser - stacked 3-tier

  • 3 pocket stacked DL holding leaflet dispenser also 1/3rd A4 

3 Tier 1/3rd A4 stacked leaflet dispensers - DL leaflet holder and Dispenser

Suits displays of one third A4 (A4 folded into three) or DL size brochures on a table-top or wall-fixed.  Display three different 1/3rd A4 brochures in a single stacked literature dispenser.

  • Most economical three tier stacked 1/3 A4 brochure display unit which is dual use.
  • Can be wall mounted - two screw holes are provided.
  • Durable crystal clear plastic construction (injection moulded).
  • Buy singly or in full box quantities (20 pieces per carton) for outstanding value.

Description/Code Each 4+ 20+ 60+
3-bay stacked DL literature holder LD.3S.1/3 £3.99
inc. VAT £4.79
£3.50 £3.25 £3.05

DL literature dispenser - tiered 4-bay

  • 4 pocket DL / 1/3A4 stacked leaflet holding dispenser 
  • Clear plastic 4 pocket leaflet holder for tourist guides 

4 stack 1/3rd A4 tourist attraction leafet holder 

Ideal leaflet rack for display of 4 facings of DL brochures on a table or counter. This leaflet holder is commonly used for holding marketing leafets for tourist attractions, DL is A4 folded in three (the common compliments slip size) also known as 3rdA4.

  • Stacked brochure display is space saving and eye catching. 
  • DL literature dispenser suits one third A4, for A4 brochures folded into three. 
  • Crystal clear presentation, keep brochures neat and tidy.
  • Display narrow brochures and flyers on 4 levels.
  • Tourist guide and DL size attraction maps dispenser.

Description/Code Each 4+ 18+ 54+
4-bay stacked 1/3 A4 leaflet rack LD.4S.1/3 £4.95
inc. VAT £5.94
£4.45 £3.95 £3.70

A4 and A5 literature dispenser - tiered 3-bay

A4 3 pocket stacked leaflet dispenser

A4 & A5 stacked leaflet dispensers - 3 pocket

Convenient stacked design of brochure holder for displaying three different A4 or A5 catalogues - or for triple capacity display of a single brochure for busy exhibition or trade fair situations. This space saving solution displays your literature in a vertical stack with a small footprint.

  • Acrylic brochure display unit to sit on a table or wall mount (2 screw-holes provided).
  • A4 or A5 size literature is presented professionally.
  • 3 facings in the multi-compartments, portrait display.
  • Or stack it with all the same brochure so that stocks of literature are not exhausted.

When wall mounted these 3-tier units protrude from the wall somewhat so ensure you have space.

Description/Code Each 4+ 20+ 48+
3-bay stacked A4 literature rack LD.3S.A4 £9.99
inc. VAT £11.99
£8.99 £8.19 £7.49
3-bay stacked A5 literature rack LD.3S.A5 £5.60
inc. VAT £6.72
£4.50 £4.05 £3.85

A5 literature dispenser - tiered 4-bay

A5 paper sized 4 stacked leaflet dispenser - high quality

A5 leaflet dispenser with 4 stacked tiers 

The 4 pocket leaflet dispenser for four different A5 flyers in a compact free-standing counter-top leaflet display unit. This space saving A5 leaflet holder has a small table footprint whilst maximising the distribution of your printed flyers and copy.

  • A5 brochures or small catalogues in a multi-compartment display,
  • High quality Tamar design - Tamar Multis have proved themselves over the years,
  • Maximum capacity in a small footprint literature dispenser.

Description/Code Each 4+ 20+ 50+
Taymar 4-bay stacked A5 LD.4S.A5 £10.30
inc. VAT £12.36
£9.27 £8.45 £7.73

Brochure holders free standing or wall

  • Plastic leaflet holders with clip-on stand for wall fixing or countertop use
  • All popular paper size leaflet holders, premium quality

Leaflet holders - Taymar premium brand dual use brochure holder

Dual use - table-top or wall mounting Taymar brochure holders offer the best of both worlds for displaying your printed leaflets and flyers. All popular leaflet sizes in a clear premium plastic holder.

  • Choice of sizes: A4, A5, A6 and 1/3rd A4 leaflet dispenser.
  • Free  standing with clip-in foot accessory (supplied).
  • Wall mount by discarding the foot and fixing via screw-slots.
  • Mounts flat to wall or dispenser stands upright on a table.
  • A6 size suitable for small postcard size leaflets.

Description/Code Each 20+ 50+ 200+
A6 Taymar leaflet dispenser - Portrait LD.A6T £3.85
inc. VAT £4.62
£3.47 £3.16 £2.89
A6 Taymar leaflet dispenser-Landscape LD.A6T/L £4.12
inc. VAT £4.94
£3.71 £3.38 £3.09
1/3A4 Taymar leaflet dispenser LD.1/3A4T £2.60
inc. VAT £3.12
£2.34 £2.13 £1.95
A5 Taymar leaflet dispenser LD.A5T £3.45
inc. VAT £4.14
£3.11 £2.83 £2.59
A4 Taymar leaflet dispenser LD.A4T £6.40
inc. VAT £7.68
£5.76 £5.25 £4.80
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